This Year's Event

Mad Hatter's Gala 2017:
Goodbye Kansas, Hello Emerald City

To commemorate the closing of one campus and opening of our new Centre for Arts and Culture, this year’s Mad Hatters Gala theme will say hello and goodbye through the Wizard of Oz.

“Goodbye Kansas, Hello Emerald City” will showcase the memories from the past and the celebrations of our future through a Munchkin Land reception, Emerald City dinner and a “Wicked” after party.

Make an impact in the lives of students—and our community—for generations to come.

This year’s gala will support our new Centre for Arts and Culture, scheduled to open September 2017. This centre is an innovative venue that will provide students, faculty and staff in the Faculty of Fine Arts and Communications with the unique spaces they need to explore, collaborate, and develop their skills: two theatres, a recital hall, studios and technologically-enhanced spaces designed to foster creativity and innovation.

While it focuses on the success of our students, the project also aligns with our strategic downtown campus initiative, our commitment to the arts and culture, and to the evolution of our city as a whole.

See the progress of the new Centre for Arts and Culture »