About the United Way

Have you wondered where your donation dollars go? We did a bit of digging and we saw that 283,510 unique participants were supported by United Way's targeted investments in the Alberta Capital Region.

Based on research and a deep understanding of issues that drive people into poverty, United Way focuses support in three areas:

  1. Break the Cycle
  2. Lift People Out
  3. Provide a Safety Net.

Each area concentrates on specific needs and connects with programs and services to make the greatest impact possible. At the same time, considering that individuals struggling with poverty often experience multiple issues and need help in more than one area, the three focus areas are closely linked. This ensures people receive the appropriate mix of supports that wrap-around them and their families for both urgent needs and long-term development.

United Way invests in our region’s success by providing funding where the need is greatest. Their strategy is 100% local, shaped specifically for the Alberta Capital Region and impacts families right here in our community.

Break the Cycle

Programs like Success By 6®, Success in School and All in for Youth help kids who are living in poverty to give them the right opportunities for future learning and development. United Way and its partners are committed to providing vulnerable children and youth with support to complete high school and create a path out of poverty, and that starts at birth. Families living in poverty face emotional and social challenges that create high levels of chronic stress. In the end, it can lead to cognitive lags, health and safety issues for children. People with higher levels of education are more likely to have better jobs, live in safer homes and report better physical and mental health. Things which are good for the whole community.

Lift People Out

People living in low income are the most vulnerable to unemployment and job loss. The high cost of childcare, lack of transportation and flexible work hours all limit employment options. Many work two or more low paying jobs and still can’t make ends meet. United Way and its strategic partners are invested in the most effective community programs to make employment training and services readily available. More than 135,000 people are experiencing poverty in the Alberta Capital Region. United Way and its strategic partners are helping people living in or close to poverty become financially stable.

Provide a Safety Net

United Way and its strategic partners provide individuals and families with access to healthy and affordable food and emergency relief as well as help people successfully find and maintain housing. Every year, one in five Canadians experiences a mental health problem or illness. United Way and its strategic partners provide support for individuals and families dealing with mental health issues and strive to reduce the stigma attached to mental illness.