Message from the Campaign Committee

As the Co-Chairs of this year’s MacEwan University United Way campaign, we’re excited to tell you about 2020 campaign’s three priorities, which reflect MacEwan’s commitment to student well-being and community engagement. Each of these themes will be highlighted for a month in conjunction with specific events.


Supporting mental health is critical to our “students first” philosophy. We’re all aware of the growing mental health needs of our student population. Last year alone, the Wellness and Psychological Services team dealt with 4,500 student appointments! Each year, the demand grows, so we need to rely on community agencies funded by the United Way to help support our students. The United Way’s Community Mental Health Action Plan is a partnership of more than 50 organizations involved in mental health and addiction in Edmonton and the surrounding area. With the help of the valuable partners under the Action Plan, we are able to refer students to the resources that they need to ensure their academic success and overall wellness. 

In January, we’ll be focusing on student mental health in conjunction with on-campus events such as the Bell Let’s Talk initiative and The Inquiring Mind Campus Mental Health and Wellness Workshop. Stay tuned for other events happening this month.


Engagement with the Edmonton community is integral to MacEwan University’s identity. Most of our students come from the Edmonton area, and our graduates go on to become local leaders and engaged citizens. The many agencies of the United Way provide support for those members of our community who are less fortunate and who need assistance with food security, safety from domestic violence, job training, housing, and much more. The United Way, through its agencies, responds to the complex challenge of poverty reduction with an emphasis on personal dignity and respect.

In February, our students and faculty will be involved in Poverty Simulation Day, organized by Elevating Futures, a Post-Secondary Education Collaborative of which MacEwan is a member. This engagement activity will give participants a hands-on experience of the difficulties faced by people in our community dealing with financial hardship. Information is available at myunitedway.ca/elevating-futures. Stay tuned for other events happening this month.


By fostering financial literacy for our students, we help to make their time at MacEwan less stressful and more productive, and to put them on a path to a financially secure future. The United Way supports financial literacy by offering free workshops in the community that are open to everyone. At MacEwan University, we are making available resources to students wanting to learn more about how to manage their money and avoid issues with debt.

Stay tuned for other events happening this month.

Representatives from the United Way (Alberta Capital Region) will be present at these events to provide more information on its work and the positive impact it makes on our community. You are welcome to make donations directly to these representatives or at https://www.myunitedway.ca/. If you’re interested in making your donation through payroll deduction at MacEwan, please contact Ammy Villagomez

We encourage you to come to support these events and to contribute to the good work done by the United Way, which supports our students in many ways.

--Nadia Goodhart and Lynn Wells, Campaign Co-Chairs