Art & Design

Design student work laid out on a table for an exhibition

Find the perfect space to create in the heart of Edmonton. In our drawing, painting, plaster, clay and installation studios, burgeoning artists and designers are inspired to bring their ideas to life.

Galleries galore 

Exhibition spaces and galleries are an integral part of an art and design education, preparing students for a future in the visual arts spotlight. In Allard Hall, students display their works in intimate corner spaces, along hallways and in student-run galleries. They find inspiration in the works of established artists on display in the main floor public art gallery, located just off the main atrium. Join us downtown where you can take in exhibitions and programs featuring diverse artistic and curatorial perspectives.

... students can access other disciplines like sciences, business and sports. It's all here for them. Because as an artist, you want to be fed by the world around you and that's what they’re going to learn.
— Brenda Draney, Fine Art Alumna

Shutterbugs rejoice

Allard Hall features a suite of three photography studios, four video editing suites, a darkroom and a photography classroom where students learn to shoot, edit, develop and critique all in one area. At two storeys tall, the studios are striking. Coved bases seamlessly connect floor to wall, making the space appear almost endless in height.

Art house

Allard Hall hosts two dedicated art fabrication rooms—one for plaster work, and the other for students working with clay. In the seminar room, teachers share knowledge, and fine art students critique their own work and the work of their classmates. These purpose-built rooms help students pursue big ideas, explore the possibilities of their craft and hone their skills.

Inspiring exhibitions

More vibrant than Allard Hall itself are the art and design ideas within. Engage with thought-provoking student and alumni work at special exhibitions and shows throughout the year.

Fine Art student hanging art in the gallery


Feature story

Atrium inspiration

It's rather fitting that the permanent installation defining Allard Hall's main atrium has been created by a Macewan Fine Art alumna. Brenda Draney's (2004) bold vision, inspired by visits to a northern Alberta trapline, engages and inspires.