Arts Management

Arts administrator assessing commnunity dance hall practice

Creative communities are healthy communities, and downtown Edmonton is thriving. Allard Hall, the new kid on the block, will flourish alongside great arts and culture venues and attractions in the heart of the city.

New home, new opportunities

More than just a building, Allard Hall is a space where creativity and innovation thrive. That's good news for our arts management students. At the John and Maggie Mitchell Art Gallery, they will learn to organize and host public art exhibitions. In our theatres and recital hall, they will take on the planning and administrative tasks that are key to successful productions. Here they will gain the experience they need to become confident professionals, leading the way in the arts and culture sector. 

Now that we are part of the cultural ecology of Edmonton's downtown, I know our faculty, staff and students will be changed by and will effect change in the environment around them. These are exciting times.” 
—Rose Ginther, Chair, Arts and Cultural Management