Femal musician playing the saxophone at a MacEwan University Big Band show, other students playing in the background are blurred

Amazing acoustics, stunning performance venues, high-end recording studios and soundproof practice spaces–Allard Hall is designed with both musician and music lover in mind.

Anyone familiar with the music scene in western Canada knows you can’t go far without running into a graduate of MacEwan University’s Music program. But before these talented, hard-working artists make records, light up stages and play clubs and concert halls, they spend years on campus, learning their craft and developing their talent.

Spaces for teaching music have vastly different requirements from your average classroom. Ensemble rooms in Allard Hall allow groups of students learning the same instrument to gather for hands-on classes. Sound-resistant practice spaces, drum labs, teaching studios and other spaces designed with music students in mind will help kick start their careers.

All of our music students—whether they're performers, composers, songwriters, recording engineers—are going to have better skills when they leave here.” 
—Dr. Allan Gilliland, Dean, Faculty of Fine Arts and Communications

Pride in place

Stellar acoustics and a warm, sophisticated setting make the Betty Andrews Recital Hall a great live music venue. Specialists in sound, performance lighting and audio/visual communication were consulted throughout design and construction to ensure a performance space of the finest quality. Its unique shape and design can accommodate cabaret-style events, intimate orchestras and ensembles.

Music makers

At Bent River Records, our university record label, music students gain hands-on production experience while rubbing shoulders with professional musicians. With new Wenger rooms, ensemble labs, sound-resistant practice spaces and acoustically engineered teaching studios, our students hone their musical chops using the same technology, tools and equipment as the pros.

Music spaces in Allard Hall

Paul Johnston, Assistant Professor and Head of Recording, Department of Music

Feature story

Recording like the pros

Paul Johnston, head of recording in MacEwan's Bachelor of Music, is thrilled with the program's new recording studio, especially the custom-made console he worked so hard to get.

Downtown funk

Catch student and faculty performances in the heart of Edmonton. Big band, jazz, rock, pop—prepare to be impressed, no matter your musical taste.

Music student playing piano at a Big Band performance