MacEwan University theatre students mid-performance

Dynamic performances by theatre arts students. Spectacular sets created by the theatre production cohort. Take in a lavish musical in the Triffo Theatre or experience a unique production in the intimate theatre lab.

Vibrant spaces

As functional as it is beautiful, the Triffo Theatre includes a green room and five dressing rooms. In the catwalk above the auditorium, production crews use nuanced lighting, layered sound and innovative audio-visual techniques to enhance the mood of a play, making great performances even better. 

Featuring smaller, more experimental productions, the theatre lab offers flexible seating and staging arrangements, inviting students to let loose their creativity with unique performance and production styles.

Theatre spaces in Allard Hall

As a teaching institution, we are incredibly lucky to have a space like the proscenium-style theatre. It has been designed brilliantly. When you walk on stage and look out, it feels so intimate and yet has such beautiful breathing space.” 
—Jim Guedo, associate professor, Theatre Arts 

Nuts and bolts, fabric and metal 

In a theatrical production, a well-crafted costume transports performers—and the audience—to just the right place and time. In Allard Hall's wardrobe lab, sewing machines line long tables, laundry facilities and fixed garment racks await the day's creations and a large storage area contains costumes from productions past and current. A staircase just outside the wardrobe lab leads to the Triffo Theatre's backstage, providing access for last-minute fittings or repairs on performance nights.

The wood shop, also conveniently located near the Triffo Theatre's backstage, contains a suite of rooms designed for teaching and creating. In the adjacent construction and painting area, set pieces are finished, assembled and readied for the stage. In the welding shop, theatre production students bring metal set pieces to life. Initial designs and creative work take place in the design and fabrication shops.


Centre stage

Hot new actors, hot new venue. Watch some of the city’s finest young performers take over Edmonton’s newest live theatre venues in Allard Hall.

Theatre Arts student performing Footloose Theatre Season 2016/17