Landing page banner with shades of maroon patterend across and the words "Come Together" beside a location marker with the campus skyline


We have a lot to celebrate. With the relocation of our Faculty of Fine Arts and Communications to City Centre Campus, our university community has come together in downtown Edmonton.

The artistry and magic of this creative community, combined with the excitement and promise reflected in our newest building, ignite new ways to bring us all together. Allard Hall’s distinct architecture has altered the city’s physical landscape—the inspiration and ideas that grow within its walls will reshape so much more.

Allard Hall Atrium with view of the staircases

Feature story

Introducing Allard Hall

The building carries the Allard name in recognition of the Allard family’s long-standing financial support of MacEwan and of their most recent gift, a $2.5 million donation that will provide scholarships and bursaries for students in the Faculty of Fine Arts and Communications and the School of Business.


The fundamental values of society exist in arts and culture. Your values reside in your head, but arts and culture reside in your heart; and when you bring your heart and head together, you achieve great things.
—BING THOM, Allard Hall architect