Virtually all North American universities now recognize that research at the undergraduate level is essential to the preparation of the next generation of scholars, highly qualified personnel, and scientifically informed citizens. By shifting focus to undergraduate research, science curricula become more attentive to the critical thinking skills and attitudes necessary to discover new knowledge and how to communicate this to a broader public.

The Undergraduate Research in Science Conference of Alberta (URSCA) provides the opportunity to showcase excellence in undergraduate research conducted by students in universities across Alberta. Its objective is to bring together students and faculty involved with undergraduate research with business and industry from across Alberta, to showcase outstanding examples of undergraduate research and engage future employers.


Organizing Institutions

Athabasca University

Faruk Al-Shamali | athabascau.ca

Concordia University

Zoltan Berkes | concordia.ab.ca

The King’s University

Brian Martin | kingsu.ca

MacEwan University

Orla Aaquist | MacEwan.ca

University of Alberta

Crystal Snyder | ualberta.ca

University of Alberta - Augustana Campus

Gerhard Lotz | augustana.ualberta.ca

We would like to thank our sponsors—Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (Edmonton), King's Science Society and Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC)—for their generous support of undergraduate research through this event.