Sex, Alcohol and Harm Reduction: A Conversation about Safer Partying *CANCELLED*

January 25, 2022

Note: This event has been cancelled.


This workshop takes a harm reduction approach to the topics of sex, alcohol, consent and sexual violence prevention. Strategies for safer drinking and partying will be explored, and the risks involved when navigating sexual consent under the influence addressed. The ways that alcohol can be used to facilitate sexual violence will be discussed, and how bystander intervention can be used to intervene in harmful behaviour. This workshop is ultimately about creating safer party environments so that everyone can have fun and keep each other safe.

Hosted by The Coalition for Harm Reduction at MacEwan (CHARM), Wellness and Psychological Services, and the Office of Sexual Violence Prevention, Education and Response for Mental Health Week 

MacEwan University’s Mental Health Week 2022 takes place at the end of January.

Office of Sexual Violence Prevention, Education and Response

Wellness and Psychological Services

Event Details

Date January 25, 2022
Event Type Lecture/speaker/presentation
Contact Person Roxanne Runyon
Contact Phone 780-497-4027
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