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General information

Before deciding to study abroad, it's important to learn about the various opportunities. Attend an information session, do some research, talk to an Education Abroad advisor and ask the questions that will help you find a good fit.

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Narrow your choices

Select an institution that has a program and courses that fit with your academic, professional and personal goals.

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Application and acceptance

Documents and templates


Apply online before the deadline.

To complete the application, you need to receive approval from the chair or advisor of the MacEwan program you are currently in. Meet with a program advisor at least two weeks before the application deadline to get this approval.


  • March 1 for following fall and/or winter term (September to December and/or January to April)

  • March 1 for following summer term (May to August)

  • October 1 for remaining winter term exchange spaces

Approval Process

Applications are reviewed by a university committee. You will be notified after the application deadline when a decision is made.

If you are nominated to participate in the exchange program, you must:

  1. Attend an interview with the selection committee when you are notified

  2. Accept the nomination and sign the nomination agreement form

  3. Pay a $100 outbound student fee

Apply to the host institution


  • Prepare and submit all required documents to the host institution by its deadline.

  • Include an application to residence/accommodation provider.

  • For support in the application process, make an appointment with an Education Abroad advisor.

After acceptance

When you receive a letter of acceptance from the host institution, start working with your designated contacts from the host institution to

  • Arrange for accommodation

  • Enrol in courses

Enrol at MacEwan

While attending your host university, you are still considered a MacEwan University student. Ensure you are enrolled in the MacEwan exchange course and pay all associated tuition and fees.

Arrange travel

  • Apply for a student visa to the host country, if necessary

  • Obtain travel health insurance

  • Attend a pre-departure orientation through MacEwan International

  • Register with MacEwan's Emergency Response Services (ERS) by completing the ERS form, which you will receive from the Office of the University Registrar

  • Book your flights






During your studies abroad

Enjoy yourself and your educational adventure! Represent MacEwan University in a mature, responsible and professional manner.

At the host institution

  • Sign the learning agreement and send it to MacEwan International

  • Finalize your course registration

  • Ensure that official transcripts are forwarded to MacEwan's Office of the University Registrar

Stay in touch with MacEwan

  • Maintain contact with MacEwan advisors in Education Abroad and in your MacEwan program

  • Enroll in courses for your next term at MacEwan


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Ready, set, go

Application deadlines, finding the right program, accommodation arrangements. Preparing for your education abroad experience is a big job. Let us help you plan for the learning adventure of a lifetime.