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Macewan University student Marcus Litchfield

More than a night at the museum

When Bachelor of Science student Marcus Litchfield read about the Smithsonian Institute's internship program at the Museum of Natural History in Washington, he knew he’d found the perfect way to enhance his medical school application.

The road less travelled

Imagine dancing the tango, in Paris, under the stars, in a 16th-century square. Or  travelling by train, in Japan, by yourself, hiding your tattoo because it's taboo. Study abroad and embrace the adventure.


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Share your memories

You’ve returned from your Education Abroad program with stories to tell. Consider volunteering for Walk-in Wednesdays to share your experiences with students who would like to follow in your footsteps.

Learn about fellow students' international experiences, the dates of upcoming information sessions and resources that can help you choose and plan for education abroad opportunities.

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