How to Apply

With so many steps to complete, the application process can seem overwhelming. Use this step-by-step guide to help make your admission experience a smooth one.

Before you apply

Check admission requirements by program

Admission requirements vary widely by program. On the website for your program of choice, you can check the admission requirements and confirm that you have completed the high-school subjects and have the minimum grades to be considered for admission. International students must qualify for admission under the regular or previous post-secondary categories for any program. The mature admission category is only open to Canadian applicants.

Take note if your program of choice is considered competitive—this means you may need to achieve a higher admission average or complete additional admission criteria.

Programs A-Z

Meet English language proficiency requirements

If your primary language is not English, you must include proof of English language proficiency with your application. We accept a number of the standardized language tests as proof of English language proficiency. The scores you require can vary according to program type.


Undergraduate programs

The English language requirements may be different for some programs. As well, some university programs have spoken and written English requirements.

English Language Proficiency Requirements


School of Continuing Education

International Professional Development 1-year programs in the School of Continuing Education (SCE) include English language proficiency requirements with the admission requirements for each program.

SCE International Programs


EAL/ESL and Preparatory programs

The English language proficiency requirements for EAL/ESL, University Preparation, and the Foundation Program International are on each program admission page.


University Preparation

Foundation Program International

Confirm admission deadlines

Apply early. If there are problems, questions or additional steps to complete with your application, you'll still have the time you need to meet the application deadline.

Check admission dates and deadlines so you know when to apply for fall, winter or spring/summer intake. Unless an earlier closing date is indicated, international applicants must apply by May 1 for Fall intake and September 30 for Winter intake.

If you are interested in the SCE international Professional Development 1-year program, visit the SCE International page for admission deadlines.

If you apply after a deadline has passed, your application fee will not be refunded.

Admission dates and deadlines

Apply on your own or use an educational agent

You can apply on your own using Apply Alberta. The application process is straightforward - just follow the steps in the "Application process" section below. There are no costs beyond the application fee. If you are applying on your own, diligently follow the steps and respond to all communication from MacEwan University.

If you are encountering difficulties or would like to speak with someone in your country, MacEwan International works with select educational agents to assist students with coming to MacEwan University.

Agents can assist prospective students with:

  • Applications, program information, tuition fees and forms

  • Applying for immigration permits if the agent is a member of the ICCRC

For a list of authorized Educational Agents, please contact MacEwan International.

Educational agents cannot guarantee admission into MacEwan programs. Applicants are responsible for ensuring they meet requirements, fee payments and deadlines. Some agents may charge a small processing and/or service fee.

Please be cautious. MacEwan cannot guarantee the legitimacy of any other agencies and caution you against using an agent not listed above.

Information regarding immigration:

It is illegal to give immigration advice to anyone for a fee or other consideration unless they are a Canadian lawyer, Quebec notary, or  a member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). International applicants who use an immigration consultant to obtain a study permit should ensure their consultant is a member of the ICCRC by visiting the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website.

SCE International PD Certificate specific agents:

  • Study in Canada Group

  • Best Education Choice

  • Everest Education


Application process

Apply online

Undergraduate or preparatory programs

Online applications are processed through ApplyAlberta, an application service used by most post-secondary institutions in Alberta. You need to pay a non-refundable application fee to complete your online application.

Submit your application


English as an Additional Language program (EAL/ESL)

English as an Additional Language and International Professional Development students must apply for their program through the MacEwan University School of Continuing Education website.


Professional Development certificates

International Professional Development students  must apply for their program through the MacEwan University School of Continuing Education website.


Submit application documents

MacEwan University cannot begin to review international applications until we receive copies of all of your supporting documents.

Documents in a language other than English

If your academic records are in a language other than English, you will need to submit both the original language document and a certified English translation, which must be complete, literal, word-for-word and in the same format as the original document.


Educational documents from outside Canada

If you attended an educational institution outside of Canada, we require specific documents to assess your credentials correctly. These document requirements are outlined by country in the following chart:

Educational Document Requirements by Country (PDF)


Upload copies of original documents

We will complete an initial evaluation with copies of your original documents while you order official educational document(s). 

Scan—in colour—both sides of each original document. Save each document as a PDF. Upload the PDFs into myStudentSystem:

  1. Log in to

  2. Launch myStudentSystem

  3. From your student homepage, select My Documents

  4. Upload your document (PDF only).

Original vs official documents

If you have an academic record or document in your possession, we refer to it as an original document. It is unofficial because it is open and has not been sent directly to MacEwan University from the issuing institution or authority.

Documents are considered official when sent directly from the issuing authority or institution(s) to the Office of the University Registrar (exceptions are rare). Document images uploaded to the MyDocuments tile or original documents in your possession cannot be considered official by admissions.


Order official documents

If you are offered admission, you must provide official documents.

You will need to make arrangements with each educational authority or institution you attended to order official transcripts or documents. Have these documents sent directly from the issuing authority to the Office of the University Registrar at MacEwan University. The processing time varies by institution and they may charge a fee for this service.

If the institution or authority issues your documents to you, they must seal the envelope and stamp or sign across the seal for us to consider them official. Do not open sealed documents.

Log in to 

The university's student portal is where you can find links to several online applications and tools for students, such as:

  • Your MacEwan University student email account: The university uses Gmail to communicate to students.

  • myStudentSystem: Track your application, pay fees and manage personal information.

Username and password

After you applied, the Office of the University Registrar sent a Network ID and temporary password to the email account listed on your application. Use your Network ID and password to log in to You will be prompted to change your password the first time you log in.

If you have not received your Network ID within two weeks of submitting your application or if you cannot log in to, contact the International Admissions Unit in the Office of the University Registrar.

myMacEwan Gmail account

You are automatically assigned a student email account when you apply to your program. This email is offered through Gmail but will end in It is crucial that you check your myMacEwan Gmail account regularly. After  we send your network ID and temporary password, any further email communication from the university will be sent to your MacEwan Gmail account. Access myMacEwan Gmail through

Track your application

You need to track the status of your application throughout the admission process to ensure you respond to requests for additional information or documents. Track your application online through the university's student information system, myStudentSystem and check your myMacEwan Gmail account regularly for updates and requests related to your application.


1. Log in to

You can access both myStudentSystem and your myMacEwan Gmail account through


2. Launch myStudentSystem

Track your application online using myStudentSystem. If you need help using myStudentSystem, you can download the step-by-step guide.

Using myStudentSystem


3. Check your admission status

  • In myStudentSystem, navigate to your Student Center (Main Menu > Self-Service > Student Center)

  • Check the Admissions section for status updates on your application


4. Check your to-do list

Check if you have outstanding conditions or need to submit documents to the Office of the University Registrar through myStudentSystem.

  • In myStudentSystem, navigate to your Student Center (Main Menu > Self-Service > Student Center)

  • Check the To Do List section for a list of outstanding conditions

  • Click on "more" (instead of the name of the item) for a deadline and a status update

A status of "Initiated" means this item is outstanding and you must take action. A status of "Received" means the condition has been met.

Watch for your admission decision

We know that the decision on your admission to MacEwan University affects many choices you need to make about your future, so we will make every effort to get back to you as soon as possible.

We would like to predict how long you will have to wait to hear back from us, but there is no definitive timeline. You can avoid delays by submitting admission documents as early as possible by and monitoring your 'To Do List' in myStudentSystem for changes or new requests.

Notice of decision

After an admission decision is made, we will let you know. Notice of an admission decision is sent to your MacEwan University student Gmail account. 

Offer of admission

An offer of admission means you have been accepted to your program of choice. Congratulations! After you receive an offer of admission or conditional admission, you need to accept or decline the offer.

A conditional offer of admission letter will indicate your application's missing requirements. It will provide an overview of the unmet conditions and a deadline by which all requirements must be fulfilled. You need to clear these conditions by the specified deadline. No additional offer of admission email will be sent.

Admission declined

If you are not offered admission to your program of choice, you still have some options. You can upgrade your academic requirements, apply to related programs or apply again for another start date when more space is available. Your letter will give you an indication of where you can find advice and services to improve future applications.

If you are missing some of the requirements for admission to your program of choice, you can consider applying to one of our preparatory programs.

Accept your offer of admission

After you receive an offer of admission or conditional admission, you must accept or decline the offer by the deadline. Log in to and launch myStudentSystem to indicate your response.

Read more about confirmation of admission

Pay your admission confirmation deposit

Pay your admission confirmation deposit by the deadline indicated in your offer letter. This deadline is also posted in myStudentSystem. If you do not pay your deposit by the deadline, your offer of admission will be withdrawn.

More about the Admission Confirmation Deposit

Make a payment

Deposit payment receipts

A receipt for your admission confirmation deposit will automatically be sent to your MacEwan University student Gmail account when your payment arrives at the university. If the receipt has not arrived in your Gmail account after two weeks, contact MacEwan International to inquire about the funds or your receipt.

Contact Us


If you have questions about the status of your application, contact Admissions in the Office of the University Registrar. Please include your full name and student ID number in your email message, same as it appears on your application.

+1 780 497 5000  •


After you confirm admission

Apply for visas and permits

If you plan to study in Canada for more than six months, you must apply for a study permit.

Permits and visas

Enrol in classes online

You can begin enrolling in classes using myStudentSystem on or after your enrolment date.

Enrolment dates

Choose your courses

The program of study lists each program’s academic structure by term and year. You must complete these courses in order to graduate. Some programs specify every course you are required to take during your studies while for others you choose electives or options. Check your program website for academic planning material and program of study information. Consult an advisor in your program if you have questions. You should review your final course schedule with an advisor when you arrive in Canada.

Throughout your studies, you follow the program of study outlined in the Academic Calendar for the year you were admitted to the program or the year you declared your major or minor.

Plan your schedule

It is a good idea to plan your schedule in advance by using the shopping cart feature. The shopping cart generally opens one week prior to the first enrolment date. Follow the instructions for using myStudentSystem to add courses to your shopping cart. Your shopping cart is a planning tool and does not hold your spot in a class or represent your final enrolment. You need to click on the "finish enrolling" button to add these courses to your official term schedule.

Use myStudentSystem to enrol

The step-by-step instructions for using myStudentSystem explain how you can add or drop classes and confirm your final enrolment.

Using myStudentSystem

School of Continuing Education programs

Meet an advisor in your program area to discuss your enrolment. All International students in the EAL/ESL, University Preparation, Foundation or PD Certificate programs work with an advisor in their program to create class schedules. 



Terms and information you need to know as you choose your courses and create your schedule:

Junior and senior courses | Courses numbered 100-199 are considered junior level. Courses numbered 200 and higher are considered senior level.

Course descriptions | Course descriptions provide you with a brief overview of what you will study in a course, the course name and number, the credit value and the prerequisites. Course descriptions are available in myStudentSystem, on the Program of Study web page or at the back of the Academic Calendar.


Prerequisites and co-requisites | A prerequisite is a course that must be successfully completed with a grade of C- or better prior to attempting a subsequent course. The course description may also list co-requisites, which are courses that must be taken along with another in the same term.

Section numbers | A section number corresponds to the specific time and days a course is being offered.

Labs, seminars, field placements | Certain courses have a lecture and a lab component or a separate seminar or field placement component. You must enrol in all components of a course. To find out if a course has other components, check the course description.

Illustration of a globe sitting on a stack of textbooks with a suitcase

Next steps

Offer accepted? Yes. Admission deposit paid? Yes. Now the real work begins. Before you leave on your international learning adventure, there are still plenty of tasks to check off your to-do list.