Pre-departure & Arrival

After you accept your admission offer from MacEwan University and pay the confirmation deposit, you are officially a MacEwan University student. Now you can start looking after the many details that will make your international education adventure a success.

Before you leave home

Join a pre-departure webinar and read our guide 

A month or two before you come to Edmonton, you will receive a pre-departure guide in your MacEwan email account. You and your family can also meet an international advisor during the pre-departure webinar. We will answer your questions and help you feel more prepared for your Canadian education experience. To participate, follow the link to the webinar in the email invitation you will receive.

Find a place to live

It’s important that you know where you are going to live in Edmonton before you arrive. The three most common options are the MacEwan University Student Residence, homestay arrangements, and renting an apartment or house with other students or friends.

MacEwan University Residence

Located right beside City Centre Campus, living here puts you next door to the classrooms and study spaces that you will be calling home while you are a MacEwan student. The residence is located on a public transportation route and is close to grocery stores, restaurants, a weekly farmers' market, coffee shops, live music and theatre venues and Edmonton’s thriving downtown. The residence is about a 20-minute walk or a 5-minute bus ride to the Alberta College Campus.

Residents can choose between furnished bachelor, two-bedroom and four-bedroom suites. As an international student, you can apply to live in residence as soon as you have been offered admission to the university. Visit the residence website for more details and to apply.

MacEwan residence



International students who want to live with a Canadian family can do so through a homestay arrangement. If you choose this option, you are responsible for finding your own homestay family. MacEwan University partners with Canada Homestay Network, a national homestay company. Contact them for information on rates and services. 

Canada Homestay Network


Off-campus rentals

Some students prefer to live in rental accommodations, such as apartments or houses, by themselves or with groups of friends. Information on rental properties can be found in local newspapers or on online sites, such as Kijiji or Craigslist. You can expect to pay between $600/month and $1200/month for a one-bedroom apartment in Edmonton.

You may be asked to sign a legal contract binding you to certain conditions and payment and provide a damage deposit when you agree to move into the property. NEVER send money or sign a lease before you see the apartment or house.

Search for vacancies

Check vaccination requirements on campus

All students must be fully vaccinated as of November 1, 2021 to come on campus.

You are considered fully vaccinated:

  • 14 days after receiving the recommended number of doses of a vaccine approved by Health Canada and/or the World Health Organization:

    • Pfizer-BioNTech (Comirnaty, tozinameran, BNT162b2)

    • Moderna (mRNA-1273)

    • AstraZeneca/COVISHIELD (ChAdOx1-S, Vaxzevria, AZD1222)

    • Janssen/Johnson & Johnson (Ad26.COV2.S)

    • Sinopharm (Beijing BIBP) - Covilo / BBIBP-CorV (okay for campus but not for travel)

    • Sinovac – CoronaVac (okay for campus but not for travel)

    • Bharat Biotech COVAXIN


  • 14 days after receiving one dose of a Health Canada-approved mRNA vaccine in addition to a non-Health Canada authorized vaccine

As per recommendations from the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), anyone who received one or two doses of a non-Health Canada authorized vaccine and plans to work or study in Canada should be offered one additional dose of an mRNA vaccine soon after arrival in Canada. These individuals should wait a minimum of 28 days after their last vaccination dose before receiving the additional dose of the mRNA vaccine in Canada. Those who received three doses of a non-Health Canada authorized vaccine should not receive additional doses. See details at PHAC.

Request a rapid testing accommodation

New International Students arriving between October 31, 2021 and January 3, 2022 can apply for a temporary accommodation to undergo rapid testing while they get vaccinated if they could not access a WHO-approved vaccine before coming to Canada. 

  • This is a temporary accommodation only in place until March 3, 2022.

  • Newly arriving international students should get vaccinated as soon as possible.

  • The deadline to get a first dose is January 19 and February 17, 2022 to get the second dose to continue to qualify for the accommodation.

  • Students can contact MacEwan International for full details of this exception and the requirements for their individual case.

  • Rapid testing accommodations cannot be granted for work-integrated learning.


Check vaccination requirements for travelling to Canada

Starting November 30, 2021: To depart from Canadian airports or travel on VIA Rail and Rocky Mountaineer trains, travellers will need to be fully vaccinated.

As of January 15, 2022, certain travellers will be allowed to enter the country if they are fully vaccinated with one of the vaccines approved for entry into Canada. These include:

  • International students (18 years of age and over)

    • Fully vaccinated students will be allowed to attend any provincially or territorially designated learning institution in Canada.

    • Unvaccinated students under the age of 18 must attend a designated learning institution with a COVID-19 readiness plan approved by the province or territory where the school is located.

To qualify as a fully vaccinated traveller, a student must have received at least 2 doses of an accepted vaccine or a mix of 2 accepted vaccines, or at least 1 dose of the Janssen/Johnson & Johnson vaccine, at least 14 full days prior to the day their travel.

  • Travellers who are considered fully vaccinated with a Canadian-accepted vaccine may be exempt from quarantine and the 8-day COVID-19 test.

  • You are considered fully vaccinated for rules concerning travel and arrival in Canada 14 days after receiving the recommended number of doses of a vaccine approved by Health Canada (PHAC) and World Health Organization (WHO).

  • Final determination of quarantine exemption is made by CBSA at the port of entry.

  • Fully vaccinated travellers need a quarantine plan.

The requirement to be fully vaccinated in order to travel applies to all travellers who are 12 years and 4 months old or older and who are:

  • Air passengers flying on domestic, transborder or international flights departing from airports in Canada

  • Rail passengers on VIA Rail and Rocky Mountaineer trains

For international students who are in the process of being vaccinated, there will be a short transition period in place between October 30, 2021 and January 14, 2022.

During this transition period, if you don’t qualify as fully vaccinated, you must:

  • Provide proof of a COVID-19 negative molecular test result taken within 72 hours of your scheduled departure time**


  • Proof of a previous positive molecular test result taken between 14 and 180 days before your trip.

** Until January 14, 2022, not fully or unvaccinated travelers/students will be permitted to take a connecting flight that is scheduled to depart within 24 hours of the departure time for their flight to Canada. Students authorized entry into Canada can continue to their final destination using their valid pre-entry molecular test as long as the scheduled departure time of their domestic flight is within 24-hour of the departure time for their flight to Canada..

Starting November 30, 2021, at 03:01 a.m. EST, the following COVID-19 vaccines authorized by the World Health Organization (WHO) will be accepted by the Government of Canada for travel and students will be exempt from quarantine requirements for 14 days:

Vaccines accepted for travel and quarantine exemption

  • Pfizer-BioNTech (Comirnaty, tozinameran, BNT162b2)

  • Moderna (Spikevax, mRNA-1273)

  • AstraZeneca (Vaxzevria, COVISHIELD, ChAdOx1-S, AZD1222)

  • Janssen/Johnson & Johnson (Ad26.COV2.S)

  • Bharat Biotech (Covaxin, BBV152 A, B, C) Starting November 30

  • Sinopharm (Beijing) BBIBP-CorV (Vero Cells) Starting November 30

  • Sinovac (CoronaVac, PiCoVacc) Starting November 30

Not currently accepted:

  • Cansino (Convidecia, Ad5-nCoV)

  • Gamalaya (Sputnik V, Gam-Covid-Vac)

  • Vector Institute (EpiVacCorona)

  • Other

Get ready to travel to Canada: COVID-19 rules and requirements

Please review the current travel information and book an appointment with an International Immigration Specialist to discuss your travels.

***IMPORTANT information for travellers entering Canada by air***

  1. Flights from India: As the travel ban has been lifted, travellers need to follow the instructions outlined on the Government of Canada's travel advisory notice for India.

  2. Flights from Morocco: As the travel ban has been lifted, travellers will need to follow the instructions outlined on the Government of Canada's travel advisory notice for Morocco.

Travelling to Canada during COVID-19 requires thorough preparation: collecting necessary documents and making a quarantine plan for a minimum of 14 days.

  • Step 1: Review the current travel restrictions before booking your flight to Canada.

  • Step 2: Check if MacEwan University is on the approved DLI COVID-19 readiness plan approved list.

  • Step 3: Ensure you have the proper health coverage.

  • Step 4: Attend a drop-in session—held every Friday at 9 a.m. Edmonton time—if you have questions.

  • Step 5: Register for free transportation from the Edmonton airport to your place of quarantine at least 48 hours prior to your arrival in Edmonton.

  • Step 6: Create and finalize your quarantine plan.

  • Step 7: Complete MacEwan University's mandatory Arrival in Canada form.

    • You should submit a new form if your travel plans change.

  • Step 8: Take a COVID-19 test 72 hours prior to boarding your flight or crossing the land border (Please check accepted molecular test types and more details on the Government of Canada’s page).

  • Step 9: Download the ArriveCAN app, or use the web version, and follow the instructions carefully.

  • Travellers to Canada must use the ArriveCAN App and provide accurate contact information and their mandatory 14-day quarantine plan. All travellers entering Canada must submit their information, including details of their 14-day travel history, electronically using ArriveCAN. This information must be entered into ArriveCAN within 72 hours before a travellers’ arrival to Canada to ensure accuracy and to help monitor importation of COVID-19. Either print the confirmation email or take a screen shot of your confirmation after entering your information into the app. You will have to show it upon arrival.

  • Step 10: Gather your travel documents.

  • Step 11: Prepare your non-medical masks and face coverings and pack your essential items and documents.

  • Step 12: Monitor yourself and do not travel if you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.

  • Step 13: Within 72 hours of your arrival to Canada, submit the required information through the ArriveCAN app.

  • Step 14: Inform MacEwan International about your arrival and quarantine requirements or exemption.

  • Step 15: If required to quarantine, join MacEwan International check-in sessions every Tuesday and Friday at 12 pm (MST). Check your myMacEwan email to get a link.

Gather all required documents

  1. Valid passport

  2. Valid study permit or letter of introduction (study permit approval letter)

  3. TRV (counterfoil in your passport) or eTA

  4. School Documents

    • Letter of Acceptance (expires January 3, 2022)

    • Late Arrival Letters and verification of enrollment (for students who were enrolled in terms before Winter 2022)

    • Verification of Enrollment (for students who were enrolled in terms before Winter 2022)

    • Term enrollment and account summary for Winter 2022

  5. Pre-arrival negative Covid-19 test* (Please check accepted molecular test types and more details on the Government of Canada’s website)

    • or positive test between 14 and 180 days before your arrival

  6. Proof of finances (bank account statements)

  7. The ArriveCAN App

  8. Valid medical exam if applicable

  9. Proof of vaccination if applicable

  10. Taxi registration

  11. Proof of medical insurance

    • Covering quarantine periods and COVID-19 treatments

  12. Quarantine plan

  13. A non-medical mask or face covering

  14. Other relevant documents if applicable

Pack your bags

When packing for your time abroad, remember that Edmonton’s climate may not be what you’re used to at home. In the summer, daytime temperatures range from 20 to 25°C; in the winter, temperatures can drop below -30°C. If your country does not have cold, snowy winters, you might want to wait to buy winter clothing here. Remember to check airline baggage restrictions before packing.

Edmonton International Airport // Packing tips

Arrange finances

While some finance-related tasks will have to wait until after you arrive in Edmonton, you can do some planning before you leave home.

  • Prepare a detailed budget that considers the cost of living in Edmonton and the cost of going to school at MacEwan University 

    Tuition, Fees & Costs

  • Have an emergency plan in place should you need extra money

  • Bring $200 to $300 in Canadian cash to cover expenses for your first few days


On arrival 

Provide entry documents to customs and immigration officials

When you arrive in Canada your health and quarantine plan will be assessed by the Canadian Border Service Agent before your leave the port of entry. It is up to the discretion of the border agent to approve your entry into Canada or exempt you from the quarantine requirements.

  • You may be required to take a COVID-19 test upon arrival at the port of entry at no cost to you (if applicable).

  • Once in Canada, you can travel on to your final destination. You do not need to wait for your arrival test result.

  • Inform MacEwan University that you have arrived in Canada and if you are exempt from quarantine requirements by emailing us at as soon as you arrive in Canada or at your final destination.

  • Follow Public Health's instructions on how to quarantine.

  • Confirm with the Government of Canada that you have arrived at your place of quarantine using ArriveCAN (iOS,  Android or web version) or by calling toll free 1-833-641-0343. This must be done within 48 hours of arriving in Canada.

  • If required to quarantine, join MacEwan International check-in sessions every Tuesday and Friday at 12 pm (MST). Check your mymacewan email to get a link.

  • Be aware that the penalties for not complying with the quarantine requirements are steep and should be taken very seriously.

  • Fully vaccinated travellers who received the exemption from the quarantine requirements may ignore notifications from ArriveCAN. If the quarantine exemption was not given at the border, you are required to update ArriveCAN until the quarantine period is over.

Pick up your study permit

At the customs and immigration desk, you will show the officer the letter you received from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada when your study permit was approved. This letter lets the officer know to direct you to another room where you pick up the study permit. If your program has a work placement or practicum component in the first year, you should also ask the officer about issuing your co-op work permit together with your study permit.

Review your study permit carefully to ensure that all of the details are accurate. The procedure for changing details after this point can be very time consuming. Your study permit should have the following condition so you can apply for a SIN number and work: May accept employment on or off campus if meeting eligibility criteria as per R186(f), (v) or (w). Must cease working if no longer meeting these criteria.

Travel from the Edmonton International Airport to your new home

The Edmonton International Airport is about 30 kilometres outside the city of Edmonton. There are a few ways you can get from the airport to your home.


MacEwan University will provide a free taxi service to our international students who will be arriving at Edmonton International Airport from abroad. Please keep in mind that you need to register at least 48 hours prior to your arrival to receive this free service.

Please go to the link below and provide your first and last name, arrival date and time, flight number, MacEwan ID number and drop off location (please provide the address where you are going to quarantine). You may be prompted to log in to your mymacewan account before registering.

You will show it to a CBSA officer along with other documents upon your arrival in Canada. Please refer to your email for more information.

free taxi registration



The Skyshuttle is a large van that stops at several hotels and other points in Edmonton, including the MacEwan University Residence. Effective August 2017: free Skyshuttle.

Temporarily unavailable due to COVID-19

New international students can take the Skyshuttle free of charge from EIA to designated drop-off locations in Edmonton. Register for Skyshuttle with your MacEwan username and password. The Skyshuttle service is available between 6 a.m. and 11 p.m.

Register for skyshuttle


Public transit

For $5, you can take public transit, Bus 747, from the airport to the Century Park bus and light rail transit (LRT) terminal in south Edmonton. At the terminal, you will need to buy another ticket to take a bus or the train to your destination. Choose the Metro LRT line and get off at the MacEwan stop if you are coming directly to campus or to the university residence. You may not want to choose this option if you have more luggage than you can easily carry. 

Routes and schedules


Pick up

If you know someone in Edmonton who will be picking you up at the airport, the passenger pick-up area is located on the lower ramp on the Arrivals level.

Airport drop-off/pick-up information

Join mandatory quarantine check-ins

During quarantine

  • Join MacEwan International mandatory check ins webinars every Tuesday and Friday at 12 pm Edmonton time.

  • Check the quarantine online resources for international students.

  • Monitor yourself for symptoms of COVID-19, including fever/chills, cough, sore throat and shortness of breath.

  • Be aware of scams targeting international students and learn how to protect yourself.

  • Take care of your overall wellbeing while you're in quarantine.

  • Take your Day-8 COVID-19 test during your 14-day quarantine.

    • Instructions will be provided when you arrive in Canada. You will be required to stay in your place of quarantine until you receive a negative test result.

  • If you receive a positive test result, you will be required to isolate for an additional 14-day period that begins on the day the test was taken. Upon receiving a positive test result, contact your local public health authority and follow their directions.

After quarantine

  • Once your quarantine period is complete you can continue with your studies and move from your quarantine location if necessary.

  • Continue following regional and university guidelines.

Visit MacEwan International offices

MacEwan International

MacEwan International is here to help you balance the excitement of going to university far from home with the challenges of adjusting to life in a new country. We will connect you with the people and services you need for a successful and memorable university experience. On the first business day after you arrive in Edmonton, go to the MacEwan International Office. Bring your original transcripts, supporting documents and certified English translations of these documents with you. We will help you take your next steps as an international student in Edmonton.

Find us here

School of Continuing Education International

For International Professional Development students, SCE International is here to help you gain confidence as a highly educated professional in Canada. We are located at the Alberta College campus and are here to answer any questions you may have to help make adjusting to life in Canada easier.

Find us here


At the MacEwan International office

Meet the MacEwan International advising team

Bring your original transcripts, supporting documents and certified English translations to MacEwan International when you arrive in Edmonton. Our staff and volunteers look forward to meeting you. We will help you get accustomed to living in Edmonton, going to school at MacEwan University and meeting your educational goals. We will also teach you how to navigate myStudentSystem if needed.

Log in to myStudentSystem and update your address

MyStudentSystem allows you to track your application, search for and enrol in classes, pay fees and manage personal information. As soon as possible, you need to update your address in the system so that documents can be mailed to your new home in Edmonton and so you can apply for Alberta Health Care.

Meet your program advisor and enrol in courses (if necessary)

Program advisors can answer specific questions about your area of study and help you enrol in classes. 

Pick up your MacEwan ID 

The MacEwan Card is the official student identification and library card. Get your card from the library before classes start.

MacEwan Card

Pick up your U-Pass

The U-Pass gives you access to Edmonton, Strathcona County, Leduc and St. Albert transit services for every term you are registered in classes. The cost of the U-Pass is covered by your student union fees. Contact the Students' Association of MacEwan University (SAMU) to find out when U-Pass stickers are available and where to pick them up.


International students in a School of Continuing Education Professional Development certificate program do not qualify for a U-Pass but can purchase an ETS bus pass at most convenience or grocery store customer service areas.

ETS Bus Pass

Apply for health insurance 

Alberta Health Care Insurance

If you study in Alberta for at least 12 months, you are eligible to apply for the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP). This insurance is free but you need to apply within one week of moving here. Alberta Health Care covers the cost of your visits to doctors, hospitals and other basic health care needs. 

Register for AHCIP


SAMU Supplemental Health Benefits Plan

When you register as a full-time student, you also receive supplementary SAMU health and dental benefits. The supplemental health care plan covers much of the health care needs that are not paid for by Alberta Health Care, such as the cost of prescription medicine, dental work and physical therapy. The cost for this is included as part of your student fees. After you pay for the health or dental services, you can go to the SAMU office for help in processing a claim to get some of your medical costs recovered.

SAMU Health & Dental


Short-term studies and insurance

International students who will study for less than 12 months are not eligible for Alberta Health Care Insurance. We strongly encourage you to purchase private insurance to cover medical needs during your time in Canada. is recommended for short-term international students who are already in Canada. International Insurance plans


Medical Clinics and Hospitals

The MacEwan Medical Clinic at the City Centre Campus is open to all students. You can book an appointment with a doctor or just drop in. Alberta Health Services can connect you with doctors in different parts of Edmonton and offers a Health Link telephone line if you would like to ask a nurse a question from home. You should go to a medical clinic for minor illnesses and non-urgent medical care.

The Royal Alexandra Hospital is the nearest hospital to MacEwan University. There are several other hospitals around Edmonton. Call 911 if you have an emergency.

Get to know your campus 

MacEwan International staff and volunteers will give you a tour of the campus and help you find those spaces and places that you'll be seeking out in the first weeks of class: your classrooms, the library, the gym, quiet study rooms, coffee shops and food venues. As well, when you attend the New International Student Orientation, you will learn more about the campus.

Campus maps

Open a bank account

Shortly after arriving in Edmonton, you should open a bank account. A representative from the bank you choose will describe available services and help you choose the account that best meets your needs. 

Alberta Banks

  • ATB Financial

  • Bank of Montreal

  • CIBC (Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce)

  • RBC Royal Bank

  • Scotiabank

  • TD Canada Trust

Money Facts

  • The unit of currency in Canada is the Canadian dollar ($).

  • Credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express and debit cards (bank cards) are widely accepted.

  • In Alberta, the 5% national Goods and Services Tax (GST) is added to the displayed cost of most goods. In other provinces of Canada, a Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) or a Provincial Sales Tax (PST) may be added.

Get a cell phone plan

There are a number of cell phone plan providers available. If you go to a local shopping mall, you will be able to check out various plans and find the one that suits you best. To make your decision, consider how you will be keeping in touch with friends and family back home. 


In your first few weeks

Attend orientation events and integration seminars

MacEwan International hosts several integration seminars and an orientation for all new international students. These events will help you settle into a new routine and prepare you for success in your studies. We offer integration seminars on:

  • Settling in Edmonton

  • Cultural integration

  • Research, writing and academic integrity

  • Immigration

  • Filing a tax return

MacEwan International events

As well as the orientation specifically for international students, MacEwan hosts a new student orientation for all students on campus.

Become familiar with university policies

The policies that govern student and faculty activities at MacEwan University might be quite different than policies in your home country. It is important for you to be familiar with pertinent policies, including:

  • Student Rights and Responsibilities (E3101)

  • Refunds of Tuition and Student Fees (E2112)

  • Grading (C2020)

  • Academic Standing (C2070)

  • Repeating Credit Courses (C1035)

  • Final Assessment (C2005)

Policy Manual


MacEwan University's Academic Calendar is the authoritative source for official course descriptions and the rules and regulations that apply to our students. You are responsible for checking and adhering to all posted dates, deadlines and university policies.

Academic Calendar

Get around Edmonton by bus or train

The Edmonton Transit Service (ETS) connects MacEwan University with all areas of the city. Your U-Pass sticker, which all students receive after they enrol in classes, allows you to take the public bus and train services at no cost. You can use the ETS trip planner to find your way around by bus or train. As well, ETS recommends a few real-time apps that let you know exactly when your bus will arrive.

Edmonton Transit

Meet fellow students through groups or volunteering

Making new friends is an important part of your experience in Canada. Friends can help you navigate a new city and a new culture. You can meet new people when you volunteer on campus or in the city.

Volunteer @ MacEwan International

International Student Services at MacEwan International has various volunteer positions that can help you gain valuable experience and connect with other students. The opportunities range in length and intensity from helping with one-day events to committing to the whole semester. Students can volunteer with Airport Welcome (joint initiative between 6 major universities and colleges in Edmonton), Tea Chat, Badminton, New Student Orientation for International Students and events. Students who volunteer for minimum 20 hours per academic year are eligible for the co-curricular record (CCR). Please email us to learn more about our current openings.

Contact us


Students' Association of MacEwan University (SAMU)

The Students' Association of MacEwan University (SAMU) also has plenty of groups and volunteer opportunities, including Safewalk, the Food Bank and international sports clubs. 

student groups


Around Edmonton

Volunteer Edmonton can connect you volunteer opportunities around the city.

Volunteer Edmonton

Learn about campus safety 

Your safety is very important to MacEwan University. Security officers patrol campus all day and night, seven days a week. The officers can also help you if you've lost something on campus or even if you are not feeling well. Call Safety and Security if you need assistance.

SafeWalk volunteers will walk with you to Residence, your car, a bus stop or the LRT train station if you are going home after a late class.

Campus Safety

Find work 

If you plan on working while you are attending classes, you might want to find a position early in the term, before your workload gets too heavy.

Careers and Experience can help you navigate the process of finding work in the Canadian job market. You will need a resume and references to apply for a job.

Careers and Experience