5 new developments in the School of Continuing Education

July 25, 2016


Get caught up with what's new in continuing education

Since becoming an official unit within MacEwan University, the School of Continuing Education has had an amazingly busy year. New courses and programs, combined with a fresh website, are just part of the recent additions to the school.

“What a school like ours tries to achieve is really to add value for the rest of the university,” says Heather McRae, dean of the School of Continuing Education (SCE). “We see ourselves as being a vital part of the organization because we can extend the work of the university in a fairly dynamic, quick way that allows us to respond to markets and changes in the world much faster.”

1. You may have heard about the School of Continuing Education’s new website

…but did you know SCE also now offers online registration?

After months of planning and hard work, the SCE launched its brand new website, MacEwan.ca/SCE. Courses and programs are easier to find than ever, but the exceptional new add-on is the ability to apply online for continuing education courses.

“It’s been a huge resource and a valuable tool,” says Heather. “We had a dream team of staff who worked to develop something that will be very useful for the school.”

2. You may have heard about recent cyber attacks around the country

…but did you know MacEwan will soon offer a cyber security certificate?

There’s no crystal ball in the School of Continuing Education, but you might believe there is with the school’s uncanny timing. When news broke that the University of Calgary was forced to pay $20,000 in a ransomware attack this May, MacEwan’s SCE team had already been working with York University for months on a plan to offer York’s Cyber Security certificate to students in Alberta.

“One of the reasons we’re doing the Cyber Security partnership is it allows us to offer a professional development certificate in a timely way to people in the Edmonton area,” says Heather. “It is pretty critical for organizations to be up to date in terms of understanding security issues and applying appropriate strategies.”

The program launches in May 2017 (*corrected from an earlier version). Students who take the course will be prepared to write their Certified Information Systems Security Professional designation exams, which means more organizations could be protected from future online threats.

3. You may have heard about the value of continuing professional development

…but did you know that industry plays an important in the development of programming?

The university has been offering professional certification programs in project management, leadership and business analysis for years. More are being added for 2016/17, including certificates in Behavioural Interventions and Global Logistics Management—two programs that were developed thanks to partnerships with industry.

“We work very closely with representatives from business and industry,” explains Heather. “We also talk with faculty members about developments they see through their research collaborations.”

The Behavioural Interventions certificate of achievement developed out of a relationship with MacEwan’s Department of Psychology and the Global Logistics Management certificate came about in partnership with the Supply Chain Management Association of Alberta and through working with Rickard Enstroem, MacEwan’s chair of Decision Sciences.

A third new offering was brought about thanks to a close relationship between the school and MacEwan’s Faculty of Fine Arts and Communications. That connection produced the new Design Foundation certificate, which aims to assist students who are putting together a portfolio for advanced studies after a diploma or degree.

4. You may have heard about SCE’s corporate training

...but did you know there are additional perks for employers?

MacEwan University’s SCE recently received a special designation from the province to offer corporate training to international students. Three 12-month executive professional development programs will be offered in 2017. Students admitted to the program will be eligible for a study permit. The programs will provide an opportunity for students to achieve a certificate and learn about Canadian business and workplace practices.

Organizations can also work with SCE to create specialized training for their employees, but thanks to the Canada-Alberta Job Grant (CAJG), the deal sweetens—through the CAJG, employers may be eligible for a partial reimbursement of employee training costs.

5. You may have heard about Mexico’s Project 10,000

...but did you know SCE and MacEwan International have worked together on other study tour opportunities?

In 2015, MacEwan welcomed students from Mexico to learn English through a unique partnership with the Mexican government. Known as Project 10,000, the ongoing international initiative invites Mexican learners to study the English language at post-secondary institutions in Canada.

The first intake of students would not have run as smoothly without the assistance of MacEwan International. SCE and MacEwan International have since gone on to offer English language programming to teachers from Germany, professors from China and high school students from Mexico.

Heather sees SCE going on to further develop its international connections and opportunities for study tours as one of its areas of expertise. And they are well on their way: in Fall 2016, SCE will welcome two study groups from Japan and will work with university leaders from Wuhan, China.

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