New CFAC Week 9¾

April 1, 2016

Moving staircases made possible by anonymous donor

MacEwan University is very pleased to announce that an anonymous donation has been made to the new Centre for Arts and Culture. The donor, Who Must Not Be Named, provided a sizable donation for the addition of grand staircases in the atrium. But the donation comes with one caveat.

“The staircases must move when you walk on them,” said the donor in an official statement.

While architects and the construction firm discuss how to physically build a system of moving staircases that operate magically (as well as add secret passageways to the existing plans), non-Muggles around the university are thrilled with the idea.

In the Faculty of Fine Art and Communications (FFAC), Dumble Dore, associate professor in the new Whimsical Arts program, says, “I wouldn’t traverse the campus any other way than by a magical moving staircase. Unless the elevator is free. That would just be faster.”

Inspired by the moving staircases, administration is currently reviewing a new proposed dress code that will see each FFAC student wearing a black wizard-like robe for the duration of their programming.

“It’s really more of a smock,” says Dore. “A magical smock.”

“People seem to think that the towers look like something from the Lord of the Rings,” says President David Atkinson, “but I've always preferred the magical story of Harry Potter.”

David adds, “I'd be a Gryffindor, of course.” Go, Gryffs, Go!

Fun Facts:

  • Epic on-campus wizard battles: 9
  • Wands broken: 105

Concept design:


Example* from one of MacEwan’s sister schools in Scotland:


*May not be as shown. (And Happy April Fool's Day!)

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