Building momentum

June 22, 2016

As the curtains close on her time at MacEwan, Michelle Diaz takes centre stage in her burgeoning theatre career


Theatre Arts graduate Michelle Diaz says the wildest ride of her life, so far, was performing as Veronica Sawyer in MacEwan University’s production of Heathers The Musical. But she knows that she’s at the beginning of a much bigger ride, and Michelle is taking Edmonton’s theatre community by storm.

“I’m just making sure I stay active,” says Michelle. “It’s easy to go back to your defaults when school is finished and lose your momentum.”


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At the rate she’s going, Michelle is not likely to lose momentum anytime soon. She is currently performing in Teatro la Quindicina’s production of Stewart Lemoine’s play, For the Love of Cynthia, and in August, she will perform at the Edmonton International Fringe Festival. Not a bad start for a young actor. 

“My weakness is that I want to get my hands on everything,” she says. “I’m trying to focus on developing my skills as a performer, but I’m also really interested in producing new works and playwriting. So who knows! It’s exciting and scary at the same time.”

Michelle went to high school at the Victoria School for the Performing Arts, where she saw theatre as something different from everything else she had learned—never mind that she had no previous acting, singing or dancing lessons under her belt. It goes without saying that she became a triple threat in no time, but she learned something else in the process.

“A lot of theatre work is about looking into yourself and your own abilities as a human being and being able to empathize with characters and different types of people,” she say. “I find it really exciting because it’s challenging and I like being challenged.”

Michelle says she has grown a lot in two years, and that her support group is key to her wellbeing. “It’s important to be surrounded by good, positive people that you trust and love because it’s so easy to doubt yourself and take everything personally in this business.”

It’s hard to imagine a more positive person than Michelle. “Veronica Sawyer was my first lead role ever, so I had a lot of responsibility on my hands. But she was such a gift and so I felt very grateful.”

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