If you work hard, practice and study, it will pay off

April 19, 2016

Image-Kelsey_VKelsey, second year Fine Art student

Last year, I sucked at so many things. For example, we did a self portrait in graphite. Oh my god—it sucked! I showed it to my mom and she said, “Who’s that?” I said, “Mom, it’s a self portrait,” and she goes, “Of who?” But this year, I did a self portrait in ink, which is a much harder medium. I hate ink and I’m not very good at it, but it looked so much like me that it creeped everyone out. And that was just a few months between the two. But if you work hard, practice and study, it will pay off and you’ll eventually get good at stuff.

It would mean so much to us if students from the main campus came to our Fine Art grad show. Some of our art is in the main campus, so some people see it but lots of students have no idea what we’re doing. They think we’re just doodling away and not doing anything important. If they come here, they’ll get to see how great our program is, and how we’re creating things that are really abstract and challenging and political.

There’s this huge disconnect because people think that drawing is so easy or they say, “I wish I could draw for homework.” They have no idea how much work goes into what we create. If they came here and saw what we’re doing, I think they would be proud of us. They would finally see that MacEwan has great artists, that we have a great Fine Art program.

This story is part of our Portraits of MacEwan series where students, faculty and staff share snapshots of their lives with the university community.

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