What’s the 2015/16 Book of the Year?

January 25, 2016


Kim Thuy’s Mãn receives the honour for 2015/16

From the shortlist announced in May, Mãn by Kim Thuy emerged as the MacEwan University Book of the Year for 2015/16. First-year English students will be among those reading and studying the English translation of Kim’s novel and will have an opportunity to ask questions about it during her visit in March 2016.

"Mãn being named MacEwan Book of the Year confirms my status as the luckiest girl in the world,” says Kim. “This honour is beyond what my imagination could have imagined."

Mãn is the author’s second book and tells the story of the title woman, who has had three mothers: her birth mother, a nun and Maman, who becomes a spy to survive and, to save her grown daughter, pairs Mãn with a lonely Vietnamese restaurateur who lives in Montreal. While living in her new city with her new husband, Mãn discovers her talents as a chef and her passion for food—but soon her passion extends to another chef, a married man in Paris, through whom Mãn encounters the obsessions and dangers of a love affair.

Among the vast amount of praise—from English and French readers and critics—that the work has received, Mãn was a 2014 finalist for the Prix de 5 continents.

"Kim Thuy is one of our country's most gifted and generous writers, and her visit to MacEwan University in March will greatly enrich our students' experience of reading and studying this extraordinarily rich novel,” says Paul Martin, committee chair and faculty development coordinator, Centre for the Advancement of Faculty Excellence. We also look forward to welcoming the Edmonton community to MacEwan for Kim's public reading on March 8."

Visit MacEwan.ca/MacEwanBook for upcoming details about Kim Thuy’s visit.

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