New CFAC Week 76: Upward trajectory

April 26, 2016

NewCFAC_Week76 NewCFAC_Week76 NewCFAC_Week76 You might say that many of MacEwan’s fine- and performing-arts students are on their way to the top—on the cusp of rich and rewarding careers. Now, thanks to recent developments at the new Centre for Arts and Culture, they should be able to get to the top much more quickly, or at least more literally. Recently, crews at the new Centre for Arts and Culture have begun installing the freight elevator, ensuring that everything at CFAC will be on an upward trajectory.

Choosing the freight elevator as the first CFAC elevator installation makes sense from a construction point of view—it can be used to bring equipment and supplies to different floors during the construction process, especially convenient considering the remaining crane is set to be dismantled this month, and the exterior lift will likely come down before Christmas.

The freight elevator is strategically located. It’s near the loading dock, the woodshop in which theatre props and sets will be constructed, and the Proscenium Theatre, allowing for deliveries related to performances if needed. It’s also near the recording studios making it easier to bring in internal or external instruments for recording. It might be one of the more utilitarian and unglamorous aspects of the building, but the freight elevator will become a crucial part of staging unforgettable productions and recordings, outworked only by CFAC’s talented students.

Last week crews also began work on grinding concrete floors, as well as site grading.

Fast Facts:

  • Average manpower for the week was 285 workers
  • 14,793 m3 of concrete has been poured to date.

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