New CFAC Week 77: A growing workforce

May 3, 2016

NewCFAC_Week77 NewCFAC_Week77 NewCFAC_Week77 If you look at the weekly number of construction workers present on the Centre for Arts and Culture construction site, you’ll notice a trend. Lately the average number of workers on site has climbed almost every week. This past week, average manpower reached an all-time high of 295 workers. 

Choosing the freight elevator as the first CFAC elevator installation makes sense from a construction point of view—it can be used to bring equipment and supplies to different floors during the construction process, especially convenient considering the remaining crane is set to be dismantled this month, and the exterior lift will likely come down before Christmas.

A major reason for the increase is that as crews wrap up the exterior of the building, focus has been shifted to interior construction. The interior is, of course, a much larger space and much of the work—such as electrical and mechanical—is very detailed, requiring larger crews. There are also more trades at work as well. Between the aforementioned electrical and mechanical, as well as wall framing, drywall, masonry, painting, flooring and unique considerations such as sound isolation and stage construction, a robust workforce is needed to make sure every detail of CFAC is just right.

Right from the beginning of the project, one of the considerations in assembling crews has been the hard deadline of summer 2017. Classes must begin in September of 2017, so enough workers have to be present to finish construction on time and to the highest standards. Construction has remained on schedule so far, and all are confident it will remain so.

Last week crews also began installing vestibule entrances on the north and south side of the atrium, and completed the structural steel on the roof.

Fast Facts:

  • Average manpower for the week was 295 workers
  • 14,793 m3 of concrete has been poured to date.

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