New CFAC Week 80: StarSilent

May 24, 2016

NewCFAC_Week80 NewCFAC_Week80 NewCFAC_Week80

Soundproofing measures at the new Centre for Arts and Culture have been well documented, but up to this point, had only been implemented for areas specifically designated for musical use—isolated practice booths and recording studios. However, the nature of a building like CFAC is that not all expressions of creativity will be limited to designated areas.

A visit to the existing CFAC building will let you know immediately that MacEwan’s arts students are exuberantly expressive in their creativity. Everywhere you go, someone is drawing writing, singing or playing an instrument—in hallways, in the cafeteria, in gathering areas. It’s what makes CFAC a special place, and will likely be one of the great qualities to carry forward into the new building. This does mean, however, that even in common areas a certain amount of sound control is necessary in order to prevent a symphony of sounds from becoming a cacophony.

Currently, crews are working on applying a specialized plaster called StarSilent to the galleria atrium ceiling. StarSilent is engineered to reduce echo in large, open areas through sound absorption. In the coming weeks, it will be applied to the main atrium as well, including under the nest areas where sound volume is likely to be highest. Crews took some time to train in the proper application of StarSilent, ensuring that the unique and highly specialized product will be applied correctly and used to its fullest potential.

Last week, crews also worked on the pedway roof parapets and curtainwall installation on the north vestibule.


Fast Facts:

  • Average manpower for the week was 320 work
  • 14, 793 m3 of concrete has been poured to date.

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