New CFAC Week 81: Beyond the glass

May 31, 2016

NewCFAC_Week81 NewCFAC_Week81 The glass curtainwall enveloping the new Centre for Arts and Culture commands a lot of attention—the clever piano key pattern worked into the tinted panels as well as the flashes of neon green are unlike anything else in the city. However, there is more to the exterior than the flashy glass panels. The lower portions of the north and west walls will also employ solid, composite panels, complementing the iconic curtainwall design in a practical way. 

The composite panel installation wraps up the exterior of the building in more ways than one: not only will the building be fully enveloped, there will also be no more major work required on the exterior. This will bring about a noticeable change on the construction site. Trucks, hoists and tools used to transport and install the wall panels will no longer be present. This will clear space for hardscaping and paving work in the near future. Though landscaping won’t be complete until next year, and construction fencing will be up until the end, passersby will still have a better idea of what their community will look like with the addition of CFAC. What was once a busy and packed construction site will appear much quieter as crews continue to focus their attention to the building’s interior.

Fast Facts:

  • Average manpower for the week was 312 workers
  • 14,793 m3 of concrete has been poured to date.

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