New CFAC Week 101: A tiered system

October 18, 2016

newcfac_week101_image1newcfac_week101_image2newcfac_week101_image3In just under a year, the new Centre for Arts and Culture will open its doors, hold its first classes and welcome its first students. Shortly after that, the three performance venues will stage their first productions and host their first audiences. Seating is a key part of making those audiences feel comfortable, and though it will still be a little while before seats are installed, crews have been hard at work preparing the floor for their arrival.

Because both the proscenium theatre and recital hall are fairly sizable venues, they were both designed with tiered seating to provide a clear line of sight from any rowThe tiered floor is complete in the proscenium theatre, and crews are working toward completing it in the recital hall in the next few weeks.

Though the seating concept is similar, the proscenium theatre and recital hall have very different looks. The seating tiers in the proscenium theatre are made of concrete, while the seating tiers in the recital hall are being crafted from wood, establishing two completely aesthetics. These differences speak to the incredible amount of care and detail put into CFAC. Having unique décor in each venue establishes each space as special and memorable, for audiences and students alike.

Fast Facts:

  • Average manpower for the week was 288 workers.

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