New CFAC Week 103: Wenger installation

November 1, 2016

NewCFAC_Week103 NewCFAC_Week103 Work on the east side of the new Centre for Arts and Culture is becoming more detailed by the day. With the entire building structure complete on that side, crews are turning their attention to installing finishings.

Around eight months ago, crews prepared for the eventual installation of isolated practice booths, known as Wengers. At that time, an isolated floor slab was poured in the area designated for the booths, creating a soundproof environment.

Now, crews are getting ready to assemble and install the Wengers themselves. Fifteen of the booths will be coming from the existing CFAC building on MacEwan’s Jasper Place campus. They will be dismantled and moved over at the end of the upcoming winter term. In the meantime, seventeen new Wengers have been purchased, and are ready to be installed now. The Wengers are modular units that require basic assembly as well as more complex procedures, including installing air circulation systems and fire alarm connections in each individual unit to ensure safety in the isolated spaces.

Last week, work also continued on washroom tiling, and recital hall rough-ins and insulation.

Fast Facts:

  • Average manpower for the week was 301 workers

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