Week 105: Cleaning house

November 22, 2016
NewCFAC_Week105 NewCFAC_Week105

As construction on the new Centre for Arts and Culture continues to get down to the details, some crews are responsible for work aside from building, installing and painting. Cleaning is also an important part of the construction process, and as you can imagine, a pretty hefty job when you consider the debris left behind after construction.

Over the past week, crews have been hard at work cleaning the floors in the east side of the building, removing dust, dirt and other remnants of the construction process. In some areas, the floors had been by a covered by an adhesive protective barrier, reducing some of the heavy cleaning work. This thorough cleaning will prepare the space for upcoming architectural and design consultant reviews, where the space is examined to ensure that the structure and finishings meet predetermined design specs and standards. It will also prepare the space for furnishings in the coming months.

Last week, work also progressed on the bulkheads in the recording studios, and the concrete bases of the exterior benches were formed.

Fast Facts:

  • Average manpower for the week was 257 workers.

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