Week 106: Atrium Update

November 29, 2016
NewCFAC_Week106 NewCFAC_Week106

The central atrium is one of the primary focal point in the new Centre for Arts and Culture. As work continues on this sweeping space, it’s looking both more open and more closed. All of the scaffolding has been officially removed, revealing a stunningly grand, wide open space and offering a clear sightline to the staircases that crisscross from one side to the other. With scaffolding out of the way, it’s amazing to see the incredible space unfolding.

In some ways, the atrium is also more closed in. That’s thanks to the vestibule doors that have been installed. The vestibule is a standard setup, with two sets of doors providing a buffer for blasts of cold air and dirty shoes. The doors are glass, keeping plenty of natural light in the atrium. The addition of the doors might not seem like a major detail in a room that makes such a statement, but they are yet another piece that brings this space nearer to completion.

Last week crews also worked on cap flashing on the pedway, as well as curtainwall infill where the temporary lift was located. 

Fast Facts:

  • Average manpower for the week was 252 workers

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