Week 107: On display

November 29, 2016
NewCFAC_Week107 NewCFAC_Week107

When the new Centre for Arts and Culture opens, it will be not only a place for students to learn, but also for them to exhibit, perform and display their developing talent and newfound skills. Exposure to an audience is an important part of an arts education, as it prepares students for what they will face in their careers. There will be a number of places in the new CFAC for students to connect with audiences, one of which is currently being developed by construction crews.

Work has been ongoing on the art gallery, a display area for the work of fine art and design students. The purpose-built space gives students the opportunity to display their work and to learn about the process of planning and setting up an exhibition. The gallery is located just off of the main atrium, proudly bringing student work front and centre, and making it easily accessible to visitors during exhibitions.

Over the past week, crews have also worked on floor grinding in some areas. Exterior site work is now complete for the season.

Fast Facts:

  • Average manpower for the week was 246 workers

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