New CFAC Week 109: Touches of colour

December 13, 2016
NewCFAC_Week109 NewCFAC_Week109

The new Centre for Arts and Culture is destined to be a colourful place. Like the current CFAC, it will brim with music, ideas and creativity, as students collaborate and put their passion and talent on display. The new building will be just as exciting to visit—a hub of inspiration and artistry.

It’s not just the atmosphere and the personalities that will be colourful—the floor in some areas will be just as bold and bright. Along the atrium staircases are “nest” areas for students to gather, study and socialize. Crews have begun painting the nest floors in varying shades of green. The highest floors will feature a darker green, with the shade lightening with each floor down.

The green floors were chosen to reflect the green exterior panels of the building, and to bring an element of vitality to the atrium. Because the bulk of the academic year happens over the winter, it was important to the late Bing Thom—the architect behind CFAC—to bring both colour and light into the building to help brighten the area and lift spirits. The result is a warm, inviting space that welcomes students to gather, connect and create.

Last week, crews also continued work on the recital hall floor and the proscenium theatre millwork.

Fast Facts:

  • Average manpower for the week was 215 workers.

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