New CFAC Week 98: Locked up

September 27, 2016

NewCFAC_Week98 NewCFAC_Week98 NewCFAC_Week98 With under a year left until the new Centre for Arts and Culture opens, construction remains easily on schedule. In fact, the east side of the building is nearly complete, with crews working on details and finishing touches, including locker installation. 

Lockers might not seem like a standout feature—especially when they’re competing with the captivating design of the building’s windows, staircases and studios. However, the education and livelihood of a fine arts student depends on key items that need to be stored efficiently and securely.

It isn’t just textbooks and coats that will be stored in the lockers at CFAC. There will be a far more interesting and valuable assortment of goods behind those metal doors, including photography equipment, musical instruments and art supplies. This means that not only do the lockers have to be secure, but also sized and configured to accommodate such unique contents. One-, two- and three-tiered configurations, as well as extra-large lockers, were installed to accommodate everything from paintbrushes to camera lenses to saxophones, protecting the tools each student relies on to express their creativity and establish their career.

This week, work was also completed on mudding and taping in the atrium, with priming and painting set to follow shortly.

Fast Facts:

  • Average manpower for the week was 338 workers

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