New CFAC Week 104: Two years in

November 8, 2016
NewCFAC_Week104 NewCFAC_Week104

Last week marked two years since ground was broken on the new Centre for Arts and Culture. On November 4, 2014, construction officially began on what was then just an empty plot of land. Today, a towering glass building fills that plot, and though there a still a few months of construction to go, the new CFAC is already turning heads. The last time we recapped construction progress was one year ago. Since then the building has gone from a frame with a roughed-in interior to a building that’s essentially complete on the outside and down to the details on the inside.

Over the past year, an incredible amount of work has been completed inside and out. Outside the building, the curtainwall has been completed, including green and black panes tinted using ceramic frit silk screening.

The pedway, which had been suspended from design plans for budgetary reasons was reinstated and built, connecting CFAC to the Robbins Health Learning Centre.

Both cranes and the exterior lift were removed as exterior construction wound down. The freight elevator was completed allowing crews to continue transporting materials from one floor to another. 

To complete the building’s exterior, roof construction was wrapped up, and landscaping began. 

Inside the building, the proscenium theatre is coming together. The stage is poured, the catwalk complete, and millwork in place. 

Soundproofing work, such as pouring isolated floor slabs, was completed in the recording studios and practice booth areas, ensuring a quiet environment.

With the building set to open in under a year, much of the remaining work involves details and finishings. Over the next year walls will be painted, theatre seating will be installed, furniture will be set up, and, most importantly students will begin classes.

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