4 tips to help you conquer your Reading Week assignments

February 16, 2016

IMAGE-primer-reading_weekInstead of R and R, you have homework and more homework

The struggle is real: Your profs want you to do actual reading during Reading Week, and finish a few assignments, and write that paper, and continue your group project. This sacred little week could be the one bright spot leading you through a gray, gloomy February.

But never fear. Here’s how you can maximize your work efforts during Reading Week—and still find time for R and R.

1. Make a to-do list

You may feel overwhelmed going into this week, so make a list of priorities to keep you from drowning in uncertainty. Without a clear vision of where to start, you may struggle with (or give into) procrastination. A list can also form the backbone of a coursework schedule—a strategy often recommended by Writing and Learning Services.

2. Read, read, read

The bulk of your week might involve getting more familiar with your text books. The great thing about reading is that it can be done almost anywhere. Waiting in line for the bus? Leaving on a jet plane for a warmer locale? Waiting for a video game to download? Keep a book nearby.

Or consider devoting an hour or two to your text books—and give reading its own separate slot in your coursework schedule.

3. Change your scenery

Can’t concentrate out in the wild? Sometimes there are just too many distractions at home or in your neighbourhood coffee shop. MacEwan’s campuses and libraries are open all week.

4. Take advantage of the week

Make your best attempt at getting (or staying) caught up on your assignments. If you don’t, no amount of Stress-Less therapy puppies will help you when exams come around.

But also remember to take care of yourself. If you need extra sleep or time with friends and family, go for it—it’s your break after all.

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