Music in the moment

May 10, 2018


Rubim de Toledo, section head of the bass department in MacEwan’s Department of Music, released his latest album, The Gap, in October, 2017. The album is modern, acoustic jazz played by a trio, with Rubim’s bass joined by piano and drums.

Rubim’s previous albums included larger ensembles, where he found his bass was sometimes overshadowed. “In a trio setting, there’s more room for each instrument to have a voice – the bass can really be prominent.”

With Brazilian parents, much of Rubim’s work is linked to a Latin tradition. However, The Gap is also inspired by his recently-completed master’s thesis, which explores African rhythmic influence on popular music.

Rubim shared his work at the 2018 MacEwan University Author Celebration. He says that the experience allowed him to speak not only about the process of composing, recording and self-releasing an album, but also the unique nature of jazz music.

“I’m attracted to jazz because of the interaction, the expression and the improvisation,” he says. “You never know what’s going to happen and you can’t prepare for it. It’s not like other types of art, or even other types of music, where you can sit there and manipulate and rethink. With jazz, the art is the moment.”

The annual MacEwan Author Celebration celebrates works published by MacEwan University faculty and staff, including books, CDs, and peer-reviewed journal articles.

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