MacEwan opens University Service Centre

May 4 2011

MacEwan officially opened its new University Service Centre (USC) at an event on May 3. The 5,000 square-metre addition is the new home to more than 200 university staff members.

Minimizing the footprint

The USC is situated on top of the west parkade at 110 street and 104 avenue, alleviating the need to increase the physical footprint of the campus. The centre was built to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver Standard. LEED encourages participants to incorporate green development practices throughout the planning, construction and operation of building projects.

Conservation measures

“Water conservation measures at the USC will save up to 30 per cent of water compared to a conventional building,” said Brent Quinton, Vice-President, University Services. “Water conservation features including low flow faucets have been incorporated throughout the USC.” The USC also reduces energy consumption by up to 40%; this is achieved by optimizing energy performance of the electrical and mechanical systems.

In order to help reduce the Urban Heat Island Effect, the USC has incorporated a high albedo roof, or a “solar reflective roof.” The USC roof is painted white and transfers less heat to the building, keeping it cooler. This reduces energy needed to cool the building and also helps with building-occupant comfort and health.

The first step

The USC is the preliminary phase of MacEwan’s vision to create a Single Sustainable Campus, a 20-year project that will eventually see students, staff and faculty from all four campuses move to the downtown location. This project is an innovative approach to expanding service through renovating existing infrastructure, optimizing land use and improving the utilization of existing buildings.

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