Building Big Fish

February 9, 2015

Theatre Production students prove they’re anything but fish out of water

When you’re a Theatre Production student preparing for a musical called Big Fish, you’ve got expect that you’re about to create something of mythic proportions.

And students from the Faculty of Fine Arts and Communications students lived up to that expectation when they created a set to bring the larger-than-life stories told by the lead character, travelling salesman Edward Bloom.

As you can see in the time-lapse video below, it was no small feat. Shot over 12 days, the three-minute video captures everything from students setting up the enormous wooden trees and hanging the backdrops to painting the stage and rehearsing the show. 

Go behind the scenes of Big Fish with our student blog

Have you ever wondered where the amazing sets for MacEwan University’s theatre performances come from? A theatre production student documented the hectic process behind building and installing the sets, and making sure everything goes off without a hitch during the big show. Read the blog posts on our student blog, Inspire.

Buy tickets online

And it’s not too late to see the show for yourself. Big Fish runs until February 14. Get your tickets at Tix on the Square

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