Applications now open for new Bachelor of Design

October 9, 2018 | Arts & Culture
Applications are now open for MacEwan’s Bachelor of Design, the university’s newest degree.

Though aspiring designers have been able to obtain their diploma from MacEwan for several years, this is the first time the university will offer the discipline at the baccalaureate level.

The degree was created with a single guiding question in mind: what does a 21st century designer look like? As technology continues to change the way we absorb information and connect with each other, the role of designers has become more complex, more sophisticated and more exciting.

With that evolution in mind, the Bachelor of Design is tailored to the needs, talents and potential of today’s designers.

They use both sides of their brain

Today’s designers understand both the art and the science of design. They have the creativity and artistry to produce beautiful, eye-catching work. But they also possess the analytical skills to think critically about design problems, and propose solutions that are functional, rational and business-savvy.

“Designers aren’t focused just on the beauty or form of the product, but also the psychology of the product,” says Robert Andruchow, chair, Art and Design at MacEwan. With courses spanning fine arts to liberal arts, the Bachelor of Design speaks to the artist and the analyst in every designer.

They have the human touch

Today’s designers understand that everything they design, from ad to app, will have a person reacting to it or interacting with it. In addition to visual design principles and methods, MacEwan’s Bachelor of Design provides education in social sciences and user experience so graduates emerge with an understanding of exactly what makes their audiences tick, and how to tap into that. “Designers have to consider not only the look of the product, but the whole experience of the person interacting with it,” says Robert.

They’re multi-dimensional

Today’s designers are as fluent in digital design as they are in traditional print media. As Matthew Fagnan, design team lead for the business app Jobber told us, “Long gone are the days when a designer just did graphic design.” Today, designers deftly translate ideas between 2D and 3D platforms, always considering interactivity and usability. Bachelor of Design students will be able to explore areas like visual communication and user experience design, preparing them to tackle design challenges from multiple angles.

If you’re interested in exploring a career in design, visit for information and to apply.

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