MacEwan celebrates the Class of 2021

July 19, 2021
Congratulations to the Class of 2021! Over the past week, members of the MacEwan community have come together to celebrate the university’s newest alumni virtually. Here are some of the highlights.

The path to graduation was different for each of our graduates. Among the 2,400-plus grads, there were unique challenges, unexpected learning opportunities and many compelling personal stories. We invite you to Meet the Class of 2021.

MacEwan’s newly installed chancellor, Dr. Tony Fields spoke of embracing the unknown.

“As you contemplate the path ahead, keep in mind the choices that you cannot yet see. The view you have of your future may not be what the world has in store for you, and your journey may be beyond your current imagining.”


President Annette Trimbee spoke about learning to find opportunities where at first you don’t see them, sharing her own personal experience on the matter. “Working for a company that gave me points for each dollar earned – which, by the way, eventually earned me a coffee maker – certainly wasn’t how I imagined my first job post-PhD.”

Honouring academic and personal achievement is an important part of convocation. Read about this year’s student award recipients, and hear the inspiring message from President’s Medal recipient, Chase Soosay, who spoke about the importance of empathy and community. “I learned that life is not just about your grades or credentials. It is about living it for one another, supporting one another, being kind to one another. I would not be standing here in front of you if not for the support of community and the kindness of others.”


Convocation is also a time to honour the achievements of our faculty, whose teaching and scholarship have a significant impact on their students and their disciplines. Join us in congratulating this year’s Distinguished Teaching Award and Distinguished Research Award recipients.


Just before convocation, the university presented its first honorary doctorates to Dr. Tony Fields and Brenda Barton. Future honorary doctorates will be conferred as part of MacEwan’s convocation ceremonies.

We can’t have a celebration without music! Leo and Priscilla McGilvery performed an honour song “kimamak iskwew” and the MacEwan University Big Band closed the show.



To view each faculty’s Spring 2021 Convocation ceremony and to browse the alumni yearbook, visit

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