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CalendarSaveTheDate_Icon_150x200How speaker series can inspire you in ways you never expected

Is plastic taking over the world? How exactly do musicians convert ideas into black dots into incredible performances? Hockey stats are actually math—who knew?

1. Learn something new. For free.

Your first year of university is all about learning new things. Exploring. Finding out what you like. Forming opinions. Taking different courses is a great way to do all of those things, but there’s only so much space in your timetable, and it can be tough to squeeze in all of the interesting subjects worth exploring.

Spending an hour or two listening to our expert faculty members and guest speakers is a great way to add to your university learning experience—and even explore another discipline—without making a big commitment.

You’re welcome even if you’re not from the faculty or program offering the talk. And they’re free. Enough said.

2. If you can imagine it, there’s probably a talk about it.

Prion disease. Ukrainian literature. Why women should have the vote. The politics of climate change. Genetic research. There’s no shortage of fascinating topics when it comes to speaker series on campus—there were more than 50 presentations offered in 2014/15 and pretty much every faculty and discipline offers at least one at some point during the year.

The bulk of these talks happen in October, November, February and March, but you could probably attend a free presentation every single month of the year, if you wanted to.

So if you’re keen to take in some interesting new information, keep an eye on the bulletin boards around campus, check out the MacEwan University News and Events section on, go to, or watch for event notices by following MacEwan University on Twitter.

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