Binge-watching or books?

December 19, 2018 | Campus Life
Not sure how to fill all those textbook-free hours over the break? Our student club leaders have ideas.

Ashley, 5th year student, Bachelor of Communication Studies, Bolo Tie Collective President If you see me at one of the coffee shops downtown over the break, I’ll probably be reading one of two things. The first is the "2018 Short Story Advent Calendar" — 25 short stories, each their own small book that comes in a boxed set. I picked up my copy at the Biblio-Bison booth at the Royal Bison Art and Craft Fair, which was also selling copies of the "Bolo Tie Collective." The 70-plus submissions we expect to receive for "Bolo Tie Collective Volume 4" is the other half of my reading list. The deadline is January 4, so submissions trickle in over the break and our club’s seven execs spend those two weeks reading them and then get together to review after the deadline. It’s something I really look forward to. Faith, 4th year student, Bachelor of Commerce, African Caribbean Student Alliance President I absolutely love "This Is Us" — it’s one of those shows that really makes you feel something — so I’m going to take a break from all the reading I did this semester and clear my mind by watching a bunch of episodes. If I decide to pick up a book, it will probably be Dale Carnegie’s "How to Stop Worrying and Start Living." I love books that teach me something.
Mitchell, 2nd year student, Library and Information Technology, InQueeries Club Treasurer A friend from the History and Classics Club got me into a wonderful series on Netflix called "Hannibal." It’s pretty gruesome, but I love how the titular character will kill you, but with an urbane grace. It’s got three seasons, so I’ll be savouring them all.

Additionally, I have a large pile of books I’m wanting to binge through during the break. I’m a huge history buff, so "Catherine the Great: Portrait of a Woman" by Robert K. Massie is on the top of the pile. Catherine’s reign was Russia’s golden age – with her intellect, constant pursuit of knowledge and desire to improve society, she’s an inspiration for me on so many levels. Ashlee, 4th year student, Bachelor of Commerce, United Nations Club Secretary-General I’ll be travelling with my family over the break, so if I can get Netflix on the cruise ship, I’ll be re-watching "Grey’s Anatomy." I’ll be bringing a few books with me too, and the one I’m really excited to read is "Dear Madam President: An Open Letter to the Women Who Will Run the World." I think it’s hopeful and something everyone should read. Hanan, 3rd year student, Bachelor of Social Work, Muslim Students’ Organization Secretary I’ll be in front of the fireplace watching the first two "Home Alone" movies and rereading "Harry Potter." "Home Alone" is a classic and everyone in my family loves it, even if we don’t celebrate Christmas. And I love anything Harry Potter-related — they’re just such good books. Melissa, 4th year student, Bachelor of Arts, MacEwan Geek Girls I’m an English minor and know I’m going to have a lot of reading to do next semester, so I’ll be spending the break watching "Grey’s Anatomy" — who doesn’t love a good drama? — while knitting hats as gifts for my friends. It’s a great way to relax and let your mind go on autopilot, especially after exams.

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