Leading through experience

August 27, 2019 | Campus Life, Health

My daughter Annie is in the Bachelor of Communication Studies program majoring in journalism here at MacEwan, and my son Jesse is also here, studying psychology and playing on the basketball team. As a university leader, you see your job from a different perspective when your own kids are students. You see how accessible or inaccessible information is as your child tries to navigate everything from tuition payments and living in residence to applying for scholarships and getting their ID photo taken. It's been an education for me.

When my son was at another institution in the United States, I learned how important it is for universities to walk the walk when we say we’re going to support our students. He was injured in a car accident and despite promises of help from his university, there was no response from them and he was left on his own to navigate the situation in a strange country. It was very difficult.

I drew from that experience as a parent to guide MacEwan’s Student of Concern program, which assists students who are in trouble. If we’re going to say we’re a caring university, we need to live up to that. The team here does just that. We’ve had students in similar situations to the one my son was in, and we make sure they’re getting care, their family is notified, their instructors are notified and they’re given accommodation in their classes. We make sure that we live up to our promises around being a supportive and caring institution. As a university leader and as a parent, I know firsthand how important that is.

– Dr. Lynn Wells, Associate Vice-President, Students and Teaching

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