Bachelor of Commerce alum wants students to see the value in getting involved

July 29, 2020 | Business, Campus Life
Elliot Rose (BCom ’19), spends his days helping business owners, executives and professionals shape their futures. “We’re no longer the stock jockeys of the 1980s,” he says. “What I love most about being a wealth manager is that I get to discover the power of Edmonton’s community – the fascinating origin stories, the generations of hard work in family businesses, the shared sense of obligation we have to give back to our city. It’s truly inspiring.”

Elliot’s appreciation for building relationships, getting involved and giving back are all things he says can be tied back to his time at MacEwan. They’re also what motivated him to add the university to the list of Edmonton organizations he actively supports. Elliot is one of 12 alumni helping to shape the MacEwan community as members of the new Alumni Advisory Council

Q: What's your most vivid MacEwan memory?

I was headed to our floor meeting on my first day in Residence at MacEwan and I ended up in the wrong wing. I bumped into another student named David who was also in the wrong place, so we walked to the right room together. In the 20 paces it took us to get there, we became fast friends and have been ever since. It’s the lifelong friendships I made during my time at MacEwan – so many of the people I met along the way are still in my life now – that mean the most to me.

Q: What inspired you to join the Alumni Advisory Council?

The community at MacEwan was fantastic and gave me so much. I had to put my hand up when I discovered there was an opportunity to give back.

I hope I can also help current students see the potential of getting involved while they’re at MacEwan. It’s a tough environment out there, but taking the time to build some roots – meeting people in and doing things for your community – can support you throughout your life and your career.

Q: What is your best advice for students?

As soon as I started taking part in clubs and activities within the university, that's when my experience really took off. Joining different groups and meeting different people who shared my goals and values made my time at MacEwan what it was.

You never know which of your experiences will be the one to make a big impact on you. I ended up getting involved in student politics – I didn’t run myself, but one of the things I was asked to do was to take photos of the candidates. That was really my first time ever having a camera in my hands, and that small experience inspired me to go down more of a creative path and major in marketing – something I never expected. Other experiences at MacEwan helped me find my passion for community involvement. I actively fundraise for multiple charities that I believe in – for me, that’s the spice of life.

Q: What do you hope to accomplish as a member of the Alumni Advisory Council?

I hope we can make a huge statement with MacEwan’s 50th anniversary. I believe in MacEwan, its leadership team and the students that have and will continue to build our resilient city since 1971. I want people to know that MacEwan may not be the biggest university, but we can make a real statement and have a big impact.



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