7 stories of student discovery and why you should share your work at Student Research Day 2020

February 7, 2020 | Science, Health, Business, Arts & Culture

The university’s annual Student Research Day – this year on April 27 – is a chance for students from every faculty and discipline to showcase their best work. Class assignments, independent studies, business cases, performances, research, creative projects and almost any other scholarly activity you can think of are on display throughout the day.

In 2019, more than 200 students prepared presentations, project displays and posters about everything from prop-making processes, Icelandic paintings and space rocks to using technology to uncover archaeological ruins a half a world away, finding ways to detect mood and determining whether cannabinoids actually reduce anxiety.

Need inspiration? Give these stories a read, then start planning to share your own work (applications are open until March 8).



What’s stuck to your silicone wristband?

Danielle Molenaar used wristbands to study environmental contaminants.

No hypothesis, but big results

Design students often share their creative work – like these designs for Juno winner Mike Rud’s new album – at Student Research Day.


Ever had a song stuck in your head?

Jess Tingley looked at the connection between earworms and stress.

Submissions now open

You have until March 8 to apply to share your work at Student Research Day 2020.


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