4 ways you can continue making plans for your future

March 31, 2020 | Campus Life
If you’re feeling stressed about your future career prospects, take some time to check in with MacEwan University’s Career Development and Experiential Learning (CDEL) team. They’ve moved their career planning, resume review and interview practice services fully online so they can continue to help you plan your future.

Here are four ways CDEL can help you right now:

1. Get a resume once-over

Book an appointment using your MacEwanLife account and you can get real-time feedback from a career advisor using video chat and screen sharing. It’s about as close to face-to-face as you can get, says Gillian Kemp, interim director of (CDEL). “We can share our screens, show samples, look at students’ resumes and talk about where to expand or how to move things around, and share ideas for different resources.”

Or you can email CDEL a pdf or Word version of your resume and cover letter, along with any specific concerns you have and a list of the types of jobs you’re looking for. A career specialist will share feedback with you via a video link.

2. Book an interview practice session

Set aside an hour to get tips and strategies from a career specialist who can walk you through the structure of an interview, talk about how to best answer questions and give you a bit of time to practice. You can book an appointment using your MacEwanLife account.

You can also book a separate half-hour interview practice appointment on MacEwanLife to give a virtual interview a try. Career advisors can give you feedback on the height of your webcam, make notes about any habits (e.g., fidgeting) that you might want to address, and provide you with input on how your interview looks on screen.

“Virtual interviews are quite different than in-person interviews,” says Gillian. “And with our current situation, it’s possible that a lot of interviews in the future are more likely to be virtual.”

3. Start a conversation about grad school

If you’re toying with the idea of grad school, CDEL’s career advisors are a great place to start the conversation, look at options and explore some possibilities. They can even give you ideas for who you should speak to next – perhaps a faculty member who has some insight to share.

4. Plan your career now

If you’re wrapping up the first or second year of your studies, the time to start career planning is now.

“Don’t wait until you’re about to graduate,” says Gillian. “Thinking about career planning early in your program can give you an idea of what you want your trajectory to be, and help you look at volunteer experiences and jobs to help position yourself for the future.”

Even if you have a rock-solid career plan, career advisors can help you map out a path. And if you don’t, they offer career assessments and even a self-directed online program called Navigating My Career Journey to help you figure things out.

Don’t forget to check out the Job Board on MacEwanLife for job postings.


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