Announcing the 2021 Distinguished Teaching Award recipients

May 25, 2021 | Campus Life

MacEwan University is pleased to announce the 2021 Distinguished Teaching Award recipients.

As one of the university's highest honours, the Distinguished Teaching Award recognizes MacEwan faculty who excel in teaching and learning. Since 1994, students have nominated hundreds of faculty members for the award, 91 of whom have been recognized as truly outstanding teachers.

"Our faculty members have faced many challenges over the past year, but the one constant that remains is their commitment to our students," says Dr. Craig Monk, MacEwan’s provost & vice-president, Academic. "We have an outstanding group of professors to celebrate as part of this year's Distinguished Teaching Awards."

The 2021 recipients are Dr. Sara Grewal (assistant professor, English), Dr. Cameron Macdonell (associate professor and chair of the Department of Computer Science), Eaman Mah (instructor, English as an Additional Language) and Allan Wesley (assistant professor, Decision Sciences).

Dr. Sara Grewal, Assistant Professor, English


Dr. Sara Grewal received her PhD in comparative literature from the University of Michigan in 2016 and has been an assistant professor in MacEwan’s English department since 2017. Her areas of teaching and research include South Asian literature (especially Urdu), lyric theory and poetics, and global hip hop. She also works in curriculum development and literacy for early Panjabi readers. At MacEwan and in the community, she is dedicated to helping students flourish as writers, critical thinkers and engaged global citizens, particularly through an explicit commitment to writing pedagogy and to teaching diverse and non-canonical literary texts.

Dr. Cam Macdonell, Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Computer Science 


Computer literacy is critical in the 21st century and Dr. Cam Macdonell is passionate about ensuring all students have the opportunity to learn these skills. Despite high demand for computer science, he knows there are students who think computer science is not for them and he is working to change their minds.

His research focuses on broadening participation in computer science through connections with other disciplines, including classics, design and business, as well as global humanitarian issues, known as "Computing for Good." He is currently a co-investigator on a project funded through the National Science Foundation.

Dr. Macdonell joined the Department of Computer Science at MacEwan in 2011 and has been chair of the department since 2017.

Eaman Mah, Instructor, English as an Additional Language 


Eaman Mah began teaching English as an Additional Language (EAL) at MacEwan University in 1996. Her class, in which she teaches beginners of EAL, may be students' first exposure to post-secondary life. Adult EAL learners have different challenges — her students leave behind jobs, family, friends, and everything comfortable when they come to Canada to start again. Mah understands that part of their new beginning is taking EAL classes.

By focusing on improving students’ proficiency in reading, writing, listening, and speaking, Mah also increases their self-confidence and helps them reach their next goals. Mah believes that welcoming immigrants and empowering them with competent English skills will strengthen the economy and enrich our communities.

Allan Wesley, Assistant Professor, Decision Sciences


Allan Wesley is an assistant professor in MacEwan's Decision Sciences department in the School of Business. He holds degrees in finance, actuarial science, and economics. He has taught for over 10 years and has consistently received very high reviews from his students and his peers. In addition to teaching, Wesley is chair of the Business Programs and Curriculum Committee, and the Fort Air Partnership, a multi-stakeholder non-profit that monitors ambient air quality (air we breathe) in the industrial heartland north and east of Edmonton.

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