February is Black History Month.

20+ things you can look forward to this February

January 31, 2020 | Campus Life
Given the number of wacky days scheduled for a month that only has 29 of them to fill (Did you know that February 1 is Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day? Or that February 22 is World Sword Swallowers Day?) the world clearly craves something to look forward to after the frosty first month of the calendar year.

Fortunately, you should have no trouble filling your February with both worthwhile and fun things to do right here on campus.

Black History Month kicks off with a campus-wide march and art exhibition on February 3, followed up with a keynote address from Dr. Wanda Costen, Dean of the School of Business, on February 5. Check out the full schedule for free events happening throughout the month.

The Crucible opened a couple of days ago, and if you haven’t already had the chance, it’s not too late to pick up your ticket (only $15 for students) to see our theatre students in action.

We know the first day of May seems so far away, but it’s never too early to start searching for your summer job or first post-grad position. Plan to stop by the Get to Work Career Fair on February 5 and 6, but before you go, take some time to run your resume by some real employers for feedback, and check to see if your LinkedIn profile is in shape (don’t forget to have your headshot taken for free too).

Remember your first time navigating through the pedways? If you’re on campus during the evening this week, you might see a few people feeling the same way you did. They’re probably trying to find the right room to learn about their future program at Info Session Week. Give them a hand finding their way, if you can.

Who knew that CSI was for wildlife too? On February 5, the biological sciences department will discuss how DNA can be used to catch poachers. And the English department will wrap up the first week of February by hosting students from across Alberta at the Reading Identity Conference. If you’re not attending the conference, you might want to consider spending your Saturday, learning to snowshoe or joining in on the university’s Curling Bonspiel as a full team or on your own as a free agent. No experience required.

February 10 is the first day of a relatively quiet week. Midterms, maybe? If you could use some help finding your zen, you might want to spend $15 on this mindfulness and meditation workshop. And while many people are professing their love (or opting to go anti-Valentine’s Day instead) on February 14, our resident mathematicians are taking a low-key look at the basic math behind keeping secrets. (Interesting choice for Valentine’s Day, math department.) Spotting the warning signs in unhealthy relationships is the focus of the Red Flag Campaign, which includes activities and events on campus all this week.

February 17 is a day to celebrate family – however you define it – and kicks off a weeklong Winter Reading Break. (If you haven’t heard, reading break will be a full week in Fall 2020 too.)

While you’re away, we’ll be hosting educational assistants from across the province at their 45th annual conference. It’s open to anyone who works with young people, so if your future career involves doing that, you might want to check it out.

Come back ready to spend the last week of February digging into important issues. February 24 is Human Trafficking Awareness Day. Learn how this form of modern slavery is affecting nearly 2.5 million people in countries around the world, including Canada. Then stop by the Mitchell Art Gallery on February 26 to hear about artist Serena Lee’s project Doing the Dishes with single mothers and the daughters of single mothers. On February 27, the Faculty of Health and Community Studies is hosting a free visiting lecture on inclusion and integration with Fionn Crombie Angus and his father Jonathan. It runs until 5 p.m., so that leaves you just enough time to head over to the new SAMU building for the story slam and variety show, an epic end to Black History Month.

That was a lot, but there’s even more waiting for you at

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