kihêw waciston Indigenous Centre connects you with culture and community from home

March 31, 2020 | Health

MacEwan’s kihêw waciston Indigenous Centre connects students with Indigenous culture, ceremony and community. If you need cultural support as you continue your studies from home, kihêw waciston’s student advisors and Elders are available to help you via email and phone.

“We understand that some of our students are far from home and that self-isolation can be difficult,” says Terri Suntjens, director of Indigenous initiatives. “We want to ensure that our students are still connected to our team.” 

Here’s how you can keep in touch with the kihêw waciston community.

Student advisors

kihêw waciston’s student advisors can offer encouragement, provide cultural and academic support, and direct you to useful resources. If you’re looking for advice on how to manage your study schedule from home – or just need someone to talk to – feel free to give them a call or send them an email.

Keestin O’Dell  

Krista Hanscomb  

Elder support

During difficult or uncertain times, Elders provide wisdom and guidance and help us to remain culturally connected. To arrange to speak with an Elder, please contact:

Terri Suntjens 

Social media

Be sure to follow the kihêw waciston Facebook page for updates, live streams and useful resources.

Caring for ourselves and each other

In addition to keeping in touch with the kihêw waciston team, Terri wants to remind students of the value of simply taking care of ourselves – and those around us. “nohtawiy (my father) would say, smudge and pray everyday and so I pass along his own words to all of you. If it's your tradition, take this opportunity to create that sacred space in your home,” she says. “Let us help one another out and practice safety around our most vulnerable. We have overcome many things in this lifetime because of the resilience and love we have for each other. Let’s continue taking care of one another.”



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