MacEwan students awarded silver and bronze at massage therapy case competition

November 27, 2019 | Health


Amy Frost-Hunt (Massage Therapy, ’19) won the 2019 silver award at the Massage Therapy Foundation’s Student Case Report Contest.


When faculty members in the Massage Therapy program brought up the idea of writing a case report and submitting it as part of an international competition, Amy Frost-Hunt (Massage Therapy, ’19) remembers thinking that even though it wasn’t an opportunity she ever expected to be part of, it was something she wanted to do.

A year later, MacEwan students nearly swept the podium in October as part of the Massage Therapy Foundation’s Student Case Report Contest. Amy earned silver for her “Effects of Massage Therapy on Multiple Sclerosis” and alum Sarah Rostron (Massage Therapy, '19) walked away with bronze for “The Effects of Massage Therapy on a Patient with Migraines and Cervical Spondylosis,” while Cynthia Ponce-Montoya received an honourable mention for “Massage Therapy Treatments and Outcomes for Lymphedema in a Patient with Spina Bifida.”

“It is rewarding to see students develop critical thinking skills required to treat complex conditions and subsequently produce a case report of this quality,” says Assistant Professor Jeff Moggach, Massage Therapy program. “Receiving recognition for their effort by the Massage Therapy Foundation is a crowning achievement.”

Amy’s winning case report focused on how massage therapy helped a patient with multiple sclerosis by reducing their fatigue, decreasing swelling in their ankle and increasing their mobility. Amy says her case may be able to help other massage therapists working with patients who have MS by providing information on the condition, methods to manage symptoms and a treatment plan.

“Even though my case report is only an example of one type of treatment that can be used, it will help therapists create their own treatment plan for their specific patient,” she says. “My case study will also help to provide awareness of massage therapy and how beneficial and effective it can be in the management of symptoms for those with MS.”

Amy graduated this past spring and is continuing her education in MacEwan’s Acupuncture program.

“After the incredible results I had experienced through the use of acupuncture, I knew I wanted to help others using more holistic forms of therapy,” Amy says. “My acupuncturist was a lifesaver for me and I wanted to be that for other people. Helping people, getting rid of their pain, is one of the best feelings I’ve ever experienced.”



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