4 ways enrolling in your Fall classes will be easier than ever

March 6, 2020 | Campus Life

With enrolment for Fall 2020 approaching, you’ll be logging back into your student portal (MyStudentSystem) soon to select your classes. When you do, you might notice a few changes. Recently, updates were made to the system to improve its functionality. Here are the changes you can look forward to:

Mobile responsive

The website is now mobile responsive, meaning the interface will adapt to different sizes and types of screens – computer, tablet or phone. So no more squinting, zooming in or awkwardly trying to click a button or read text that’s way too small for a mobile screen.

Easy navigation

When you first log in to MyStudentSystem, you will notice that the main navigation items are now organized into graphic tiles. Pay attention to the bottom of each tile – that will show you if you have a notification related to that area. For example, the Fees tile will say “payment due” if your tuition payment deadline is coming up. This way, your homepage doubles as a convenient to-do list, and you don’t run the risk of missing an important notification.

Smarter search

Previously, when enrolling in courses, you had to select the topic you were looking for from a dropdown of every single discipline. Now, from the Class Search page, you can simply search for course options by keyword. Filters allow you to narrow down your search results in a number of ways, so that you can plan your semester according to what days and times you’re available, whether you prefer on-campus or online courses, and even who your favourite profs are.

Schedule Planner

The Schedule Planner (available from the Manage Classes tile) is a new tool that allows you to see different options for what your weekly schedule could look like, based on the available sections for the courses you want to take. Select the courses you are interested in, and the Schedule Planner will show you every possible course section combination between all of the courses you selected, so you can see which one works best for you. You can also block time off on the schedule to reflect work or other commitments, so the Schedule Planner won’t display any course sections during that time.

There are a few important things to note as you navigate the new system:

  • You cannot enrol in classes from Schedule Planner. You will still need to go to “Class Search” and then add classes to your shopping cart. Once your enrolment date arrives, you can go into your shopping cart to complete the enrolment process.
  • The updated MyStudentSystem login page has a new URL. If you are having trouble logging in, you may need to clear your browser cache.
  • Updates to MyStudentSystem have been made to the website, not the mobile app. The app will be discontinued very soon, so please use the website, which is now mobile friendly.

Still uncertain about the new features? Check out the tutorial videos at the bottom of the Enrolment Support page on MyStudentSystem.

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