5 resources to help you tackle your Spring/Summer courses

April 29, 2020 | Campus Life


With so much having changed and so many of our students' original plans for the next few months cancelled or put on hold, MacEwan University has responded by expanding its offering of Spring/Summer term courses.

“Spring/Summer term presents a great opportunity for students to keep focused on their programs between May and August, and they can often choose a pace that fits their circumstances,” says Dr. Craig Monk, MacEwan University’s provost & vice-president, Academic.

Because the number of students logging on for the Spring/Summer term increased substantially this year, this seemed like the perfect time to provide some tips to get you ready for the upcoming term.

1.  7 tips to help you rock your Spring or Summer semester

In this student primer story, you can find a few very helpful tips to get you on track for your upcoming studies, especially if you haven’t taken a Spring/Summer course before.

2.  4 changes on campus you should know about if you’re taking Spring/Summer classes

Even though almost everything is online, you may still need help from real-life people. Check out the ways our mstore, library and tech support staff are available to help you.

3.  5 questions you didn’t know you had about academic integrity

Academic integrity rules still apply even when you’re learning online: cite your sources, check with your faculty member before collaborating with others, don’t submit the same work for two or more different courses, and more.

4.  3 online and take-home exam myths debunked

In case no one told you, the Spring/Summer term goes by very fast, and before you know it, you’ll be writing your first exam. So check out these tips for writing an exam online.

5.  Be mindful of your mental health

Know your limits. While taking Spring/Summer courses is a good way to get ahead in your studies, make sure you haven’t bitten off more than you can chew. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, Wellness and Psychological Services is online to help you.

And if this is not a good time at all for you to learn and study, that’s okay. We support your efforts to help yourself. Again, if you wish to access mental health services, please contact Wellness and Psychological Services.


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