Bachelor of Arts student Aron Tesfazgi is planning to share his honours research at the university’s first Virtual Student Research Day on April 26. Applications to participate are open until March 1.

Stories of student discovery and how to share your work at Student Research Day

February 12, 2021 | Arts & Culture, Business, Health, Science, Society
In March 2020, Aron Tesfazgi was preparing to present his independent study on the bioculture of infectious diseases at MacEwan University’s Student Research Day when the pandemic paused the annual university event.

But that's not where Tesfazgi’s research story ends. The fourth-year anthropology major, who had been paying close attention to news of the novel coronavirus, decided to make it the focus of his honours research. Now he’s getting ready to present his work at the university’s first Virtual Student Research Day on April 26.

“I’m drawn to the holistic understanding and perspective that the cultural, social and biological sides of anthropology bring to science and medicine,” says Tesfazgi, whose research is supervised by Dr. Treena Swanston. Using that lens, Tesfazgi plans to present his work on how the pandemic has been affecting people and populations. “My hope is that people will understand the seriousness of this virus and that following regulatory measures is one step closer to overcoming it,” he says.

If past years are any indication, hundreds of students will join Tesfazgi in sharing their honours research, independent studies, business cases, class assignments, performances and creative projects at Student Research Day.

The university is excited to showcase the wide range of scholarly work that MacEwan students engage in across all faculties and schools, says Dr. Craig Kuziemsky.

“Undergraduate student research is a great opportunity for our students to apply what they learn in the classroom to real-world problems and develop a range of skills, including problem solving, critical analysis and communication skills that prepare them for successful careers after graduation,” says the associate vice-president, Research. “From class assignments to honours theses, Student Research Day is an opportunity to share, learn and celebrate the vast amount of learning and discovery that has happened during the past year.”

Need inspiration? Give these stories a read, then start planning to share your own work (applications are open until March 1).


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